Clubs with the most Champions League titles

Widely regarded as the biggest tournament in the history of Club football, the tournament was previously called the European Cup. It was founded in 1955 and then later rebranded in 1992. During early times the fixtures used to be a direct knockout but with time it turned into a participation of 32 teams among different groups.

The tournament every year decides the best club team in the world with top tier teams from major leagues competing for the accolade. The present defending champions are Manchester City who won the tournament for the very first time in their club history and will be looking to defend their honor in a bid to retain its title.


Champions league
Real Madrid after winning the tournament (GOOGLE.COM)

Real Madrid has been by far the most sought-after club in the world. The club with the most following across the globe and one that every opposition fears. The club has won the tournament for a major 14 times since the tournament ever began. Their latest win was against Liverpool in season 2021-2022 where Brazilian Vinicius Jn scored the only goal. They also hold the record for winning 3 consecutive Champions League titles one season after another.


champions league
Paolo Maldini with the team and trophy (GOOGLE.COM)

AC Milan has had a long-standing history of playing in this prestigious tournament. The Italian club has produced some of the biggest stars in the history of the game like Kaka, Paolo Maldini, Nesta, etc. second only to Real Madrid they have won 7 titles in total. The first being in the season 1962-1963 against Benfica and the last being 2006-2007 against Liverpool under the management of Carlo Ancelotti. They’ll certainly be hoping to win another title after performing well in their league for some time.


The Reds as the most prolific club in the Premier League have won the tournament a total of 6 times. The first time they won was against Borussia Monchengladbach in the 1976-1977 season, where the score line remained 3-1. They came victorious again the very next season where they defeated Belgian giants Club Brugge. The last time they won the title was against their English rivals Tottenham Hotspur in 2018-2019 where Mohammed Salah and Divock Origi were on target.


The best club from Germany also matches Liverpool's tally of 6 titles. The Bavarians are known to be one of the toughest opponents in every year's Champions League tournament. Their first-ever title came in the season 1973-1974 against Atletico Madrid whom they defeated 4-0. They won the tournament back to back for the next two seasons as well as holding the record with Real Madrid to win 3 consecutive titles. Their last victory came against PSG in 2019-2020 where ex-PSG product Kingsley Conan was in target.


Fierce Real Madrid rivals FC Barcelona are one of the biggest clubs in the world right now. The club with a great fan following around the world was famous for its Tiki-Taka passing technique when it was managed by Pep Guardiola. The famous club has won the tournament a total of 5 times with their first tile coming in the season 1991-1992 season where they defeated Sampdoria 2-0 and their last being in the 2015-2015 season defeating the Old Lady 3-1.

AJAX – 4

Ajax have been famous for the players they nourish in their famous academy. Not only that but they are widely regarded as the biggest club in the Eredivisie League. They first won the tournament in 1970-1971 against Greek champions Panathinaikos 2-0 whilst their last ever Champions League Crown came in the year 1994-1995, defeating the legendary AC Milan side 1-0.


The Red Devils under Sir Alex Ferguson were a totally different team and no coaches after him have been able to replicate what the legendary coach did. The famous club has won the tournament 3 times in their history. The first being in the season 1967-1968 against Benfica with a score line of 4-1. The last was against English rivals Chelsea in 2007-2008 where the game went into penalties after a 1-1 Score line.


The Nerazzurri are considered one of the top clubs in Seria - A. Local rivals to AC Milan, they used to share a common stadium which was San Siro, but now they have a separate one for themselves. The black and blue have won the tournament 3 times like Manchester United. The first one was the winner against Real Madrid in the season 1963-1964 and the last time in the season 2009-2010 against Bayern Munich.


Chelsea – 2

Juventus - 2

FC Porto - 2

Manchester City - 1 

Borussia Dortmund - 1 

Feyenoord - 1

Marseille - 1

Aston Villa - 1

Hamburg - 1

Crvena zvezda- 1 

FCSB - 1

PSV - 1

Celtic - 1

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