Controversial Romantic Relationships of Football Players

Why do people choose to have affairs? It’s hardly a new question. For as long as there have been human relationships, there have been temptations to stray. Monogamy might be society’s default position, but it’s far from cast in stone. Some individuals lead a lifestyle where they might be seen as a particularly fair game. If they have a lot of money, for instance. Top athletes, such as footballers, can earn dizzying amounts during a season, making them quite an attractive proposition - regardless of how attractive they are! It can be interesting to take an overview of this dynamic. 

Why are some more prone to seeking a partner out with a relationship that might seem otherwise content? What examples are there of the aforementioned soccer stars who’ve been unfaithful? And, what are the possible consequences when these affairs happen?

Reasons to date persons who already have relationships

Humans are complicated creatures! There may be so many reasons why someone suddenly gets itchy feet! Perhaps their partnership is going through a rocky patch, where there's a lot of arguing and friction. The thought of starting afresh could be overwhelming, but not at the expense of ruining what they already have. In the modern world, anyone on the lookout for a bit of 'side action' now has access to an almost unlimited pool of potential partners, thanks to digital matchmaking sites and apps. All you would have to do would be harness your favorite search engine to source a website offering to arrange a lonely wives hookup. Simple as that. This would provide access to a treasure trove of talent, a virtual platform where like-minded individuals can interact. The communication channels are always discreet, guaranteeing that arrangements can be made in total privacy. What’s more, these outlets offer software - algorithms - that can even introduce you to those site users who would be most compatible in terms of similar hobbies and interests.

Three stories from the football world

Let’s place this article in some context. While would footballers be ripe for indulging in ‘playing away from home?’ This is the world’s most popular sport, capable of firing the imagination of spectators of every ethnic and cultural background. As well as regular football played on grass or astroturf, beach soccer brings holidaymakers together for fun and exercise. So, there can be no doubt football is massively popular. So are footballers. This would be a good time to introduce three icons who have found themselves to be in demand!

Cesc Fabregas and Daniella Semaan

Cesc Fàbregas and Daniella Semaan share a compelling and widely-followed love story that has captured the attention of many. Lebanese-born, Semaan, 12 years Fabregas's junior, first met the Spanish football star when she was married to a millionaire. Rumor has it she spotted Fabregas dining with friends, then sashayed across the restaurant, captivating the eyes of every male present, then popped a slip of paper containing her phone number onto his table. Confidence or what?! Daniella’s further relationship with Cesc raised some eyebrows. However, love knows no bounds, and their connection remained steadfast amidst the scrutiny. They got engaged in 2017; today couple shares children from previous relationships and have welcomed new additions, forming a tight-knit, blended family that they openly cherish and adore.

Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara

Although Argentine striker Icardi has been married to media personality Nara since 2014, theirs has been another volatile connection. Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara's romance is a story that has captured the attention of the public and the media. When they first began dating, Nara was married to Maxi Lopez, a fellow Argentinian and former teammate of Icardi’s when they played with Italian Sampdoria. However, sparks flew between Mauro and Wanda, leading to the breakdown of her marriage and the beginning of their love story. The romance of Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara continues to be a subject of interest for fans and followers, and their enduring story reflects the complexities and dynamics of relationships in the public eye.

Ryan Giggs and Natasha Lever

Welsh international and former Manchester United legend, Giggs, had a lengthy affair with Lever when she was married to his brother, Rodri. This did not go down well with the extended family and is a salutary lesson of the negatives of footballers dating married women. The affair had a profound impact on Giggs' public image and personal life. It strained his marriage, eventually leading to a divorce from Stacey Cooke, his wife of over a decade. The repercussions also extended to Giggs' career, impacting his standing as a football icon and his role as a public figure.

Possible consequences of such dating

Whenever people choose to have affairs, there can be fallout. For the instigators, there can be a sense of fun and excitement. Of getting involved in a situation where they’ll get to meet someone different and have new experiences. After all, there's a saying that life often feels too short, so you should make the most of opportunities coming your way. Grabbing them by the horns. But someone will always end up getting hurt, so the possible negative outcome is that there may be ill feelings and recriminations. Anyone considering embarking on this course of action, footballer or fan, needs to carefully balance the pros and cons.

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