Will David Alaba stay at Bayern Munich?

David Alaba is a true Bayern Munich legend. Coming from the Bavarian’s own youth academy he has won it all over the years. 

With 23 trophies to his name, he is now one of the most decorated players of Bayern Munich. With huge experience and talent, there only a few who can compete with him. 

Current Situation

Alaba has the ability to adapt himself to any style of play of Die Roten. His pace and dribbling skills give him an attacking edge playing form a deep position. However, his biggest assets are his anticipation and versatility. 

The Austrian can play in six different positions all over the pitch and these make him a very valuable player. 

Though he is both needed and desired in the team by the coach Hansi Flick, there has been a deadlock over his contact situation. The 28-year old’s contract runs out in May 2021, but still, no formal extension has been reached, leading to speculations that he may leave the club. 


In spite of all talks and rumours, an exit of this legend simply seems improbable. Both the club and the player need each other. 

Alaba has the support and all the qualities needed to succeed at a club like Bayern. But still, things can get worse. Given the amazing development of Alphonso Davies and the picture-perfect performance delivered by Lucas Hernandez, Bayern may look to get rid of a high-salaried player like Alaba.

The giants of Spain, both Barcelona and Real Madrid have expressed their desire in the player previously. Barcelona seriously needs an experienced and versatile player like Alaba. He can play both as a centre-back and a left full-back. 

Thus he can replace either Jordi Alba or Gerard Pique. In the capital of Spain too, he is equally needed. Ageing Sergio Ramos and Marcelo need a player who can reduce their workload, and Alaba suits perfectly. He would bring in a lot of composure and pace to the Real Madrid defence.

EPL seems the hot destination for Bundesliga players this summer. And David too can become the part of this list. 

Manchester United in the past have made moves for Alaba but have remained unsuccessful. And now the Reds need a world-class defender desperately. He could simply become a wonderful addition to the squad and lead them out of the title drought. 

The Blue camp of Manchester can also become his destination. Pep Guardiola has in the past coached David and could now want him again. Whatever Man City has they lack a quality full-back, and David is perfect for that role.

My opinion

In any case, if there is a transfer it is very unlikely to be in this window. There isn’t any offer for the player, and the transfer window closes on 5th October. 

This means we will have to wait till January to see anything happen. This gives Bayern a good three months time to convince the player to stay. 

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