FIFA 21: Teams with the best transfer budget in career mode

FIFA 21 is here and the career mode. Should you pick your favorite team? Or is it advisable to pick the team with the highest budget? Or do you look forward to building a struggling side into a formidable squad from scratch?

FIFA 21, the name is enough, isn’t it? The game has been one of the most sold games in each year of its release and there’s no stopping the success till now. 

When we talk about the career mode in the game, there are several vital decisions to make and that is the team selection. 

The possibilities are limitless with several new features present in the FIFA 21, the FIFA TOW, and FIFA Predictions. 

The career mode has been the top priority since the beginning and that is the reason why developers make sure that the game gives them something to celebrate in every new version they play. 

However, it will be very intriguing to see who are the top 10 teams with a really strong budget in the FIFA 21 career mode. 

10. Chelsea (£74.8m)
The position shows that the game is surely unbiased and not based on the current season only. Chelsea who had the best transfer window this season is tenth. However, another reason for it is the presence of a youth academy that produces top stars on a daily basis. 

The Blues added Timo Werner, Kai Havertz, Ben Chilwell, Thiago Silva, and Edouard Mendy this season and their squad is finally at the level to compete with the likes of Real Madrid and Bayern Munich in FIFA 21. 

Money well spent? Well, you’ll find out. 

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9. Liverpool (£79.2m)
As much as Klopp is reluctant for big money moves in real life, it is hard to say that a massive club like Liverpool would lack the resources to buy handsomely in the market. 

The budget justifies with the squad as they possess a world-class center back, two absolutely astonishing full-backs, several hardworking midfielders, and a firing front three to top it all. 

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8. Inter Milan (£87.6m) 
The Nerazzurri may have tremendous history but they still lack the edge to attract users to select them as a first-choice team in the FIFA 21 career mode. However, under Antonio Conte, things must change. 

Inter have a good blend of youth prospects and experience while there are players like Alexis Sanchez who can be offloaded to reduce your wage bill too. 

The Argentine Lautaro Martinez has an overall rating of 92 and you can definitely not ignore the physicality of Romelu Lukaku. 

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7. Bayern Munich (£88m) 
The German giants have a brilliant dynamic in the game as well as they have it in real life. Their depth in quality is unmatched and players of all sorts are available in the squad. Usually termed as the big runners, they possess the potential to conquer every trophy. 


6. Piemonte Calcio (£92.4m) 
Don’t panic. It’s the Old Lady, Juventus. The Italian sides are a huge plus in the FIFA 21 career mode but would you want to be the manager of Piemonte Calcio? Well, there are doubts about that. However, the talent quotient is out of the world and it would be fun achieving big things with the club with such a rich history. 

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5. Paris Saint-Germain (£114.4m) 
PSG not in the top 5? Impossible! You cannot talk about a healthy transfer budget and exclude PSG from the discussion. Not only they have a star-studded squad, but the quality is priceless. The Ligue 1 champions have Kylian Mbappe and Neymar on their side. Isn’t that enough? 

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4. Manchester City (£154.9m)
Now we’re talking big. With multiple stars in the squad like Raheem Sterling, Sergio Aguero, Kevin de Bruyne, etc, the club is bound to succeed wherever they compete. With their style of play and the youth they possess, they can surely be one of the teams to pick from in FIFA 21. 

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3. Manchester United (£155.8m)
The Manchester neighbors have not much difference between them except for their trophy cabinet. United with its glorious history has been struggling for quite a while. 

However, the idea of a new manager and the provision to allow youngsters to compete at the very top level is something that can only happen at Old Trafford. 

If not others, Manchester United fans would surely pick them in FIFA 21 and achieve stuff that seems unrealistic in real life. 

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2. Barcelona (£158.8m) 
Who else do you need when you have Lionel Messi by your side? Not to ignore the fact that the Catalans have been a mess for a while now, a die-hard fan would give it all to help the club rise to glory again. There is money, there is Messi then what are you waiting for? 

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1. Real Madrid (£165.8m) 
The Los Blancos are undoubtedly the best in the world considering the gigantic gap when it comes to winning European trophies. They are the perfect combination of everything. Be it quality, youth, aggression, etc. Zinedine Zidane and co. have it all. 

However, since Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure, they seem to have lost their way in the Champions League. Well, to win it without him is a challenge even in FIFA, and it will be interesting to see how users spend to find a perfect replacement for perhaps the best goal-scorer in the sport’s history.   

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