Apex Legends Battle Royale Strategies | Survival Tips and Tricks

Battle Royale has gradually become a global phenomenon in the gaming world. Gamers are obsessed with its cool graphics and over-the-top action setpieces. Everyone wants to be a great Apex Legends player. 

Survival in Apex Legends is a challenging task, one has to know very well how to navigate the map efficiently and reach safe spots to prepare for battle warfare. 

Battle Royale features hardcore obstacles like fighting multiple players simultaneously and the terror of Dragon massacre. The game keeps challenging your skills by constantly playing intense tricks with you on the ground. You can also use some hacks from battlelog to do better in this game.


Apex Legends is an online Battle Royale next-level hero shooting multiplayer game developed by Respawn Entertainment. 

It features three prominent squad players with distinctive abilities called “legends.” The game is free to play for everyone and is monetized through microtransactions. It has amassed a whopping 10 million plus gaming interfaces across the globe. 


Released: 4/02/2019

Publisher: EA

Platform Supported: PC, PS4, XBOX

Developer: Raspawn Entertainment.  

Battle Royale Strategy to Survive

Here are some of the most significantly effective tips and tricks to survive longer in the Apex Legends battle game: 

Know the Basics

To be an Apex Legends Champion, knowing all the basic user interface in the game is imperative. Every match is a one-off online game where you are dropped off in an unknown location with your squad (three players); you must find enough gear and weapons for fighting against all the obstacles. 

A medical kit is important to carry with you, don’t forget to pick that up. There are indicating icons illustrating which kind of ammo you want; choose the one with less weight and enough impact, like a handgun, sniper rifle, and grenade. 

Find the enclosing play area where you can engage with your enemies. This area keeps shrinking as the match continues. Do not stay outside of it, you might lose your life if you do not engage with the troops. Constantly check your map to find a new safe area for you and your squad so that you can boost up ammunition.   

*All such basic details of map navigation and immunity boost are well written in the manual book. Go through it to understand more basics of the game. 

Landing Spot 

Understanding the actual nature of the zone in which you want to deploy yourself while jumping off the plane is very important. One common mistake every newbie player makes is dropping off in a highly crowded zone filled with other players. This is a highly tactical zone where you can easily get killed without knowing the source. 

These are highly popular hot zones where your chances of survival totally depend on what kind of lethal gear you can acquire as soon as you land. Hence, the temptation to drop here is common, but you must hold that off. Find a less crowded zone, drop there, and find your gear it may consume more of your time, but it will be worth it. By the time you reach the hot firing zone, half of your enemies will be removed, making the battleground more advantageous for you. 

Communication with other teams 

Use very smart and effective comms while interacting with your mates on the chat box. Apex Legends lets you ping different locations, enemy identifications, gearbox deployment all such important information through chatting. 

Be active in the session box, keep the chat mode always on, and interact with your mates. Good communication and strong bonding between you and your squad players are highly beneficial. They can revive you whenever they see you need help. 

Know your Weapon Types

As a Battle Royale fan, it is imperative to understand the difference between a Hemlock, Flatline, and Mozambique. At the beginning phase of the game, it shows proper descriptions of all the weapons; read them carefully to understand the impact. 

Once you are familiar with all the gear weapons types, it becomes easy to pick the right one during an intense face-off with an enemy. Practice makes a man perfect. Keep trying this as a usual drill until you know your way perfectly around the game. 

Pistols include the RE45, P2020, and Wingman provide great shooting range. The SMGs are preferable for fast-firing, short-range guns, including- Alternator, the Prowler, a RE-99, two LMGs: the Devotion and the Spitfire, and Shotguns like EVGA-8 auto, and Mozambique are great for close-quarter combat. 

A powerhouse mastiff shotgun is highly preferable for maximum impact on territorial conquests, which can only be found in the loot traps using less ammo. 

For Longer ranges, Assault Rifles (AR) and Sniper Rifles are the usual choices with greater impact. 

Choosing the right weapon during battle warfare is great for longer survival in the game. It increases your chances and decreases your immunity strength while navigating for a lookout. 

Valkyrie Player Choice

Most users have rated Valkyrie attire as most beneficial for survival in the game. Sometimes outrunning the enclosed circle becomes a huge obstacle in the game. 

Valkyrie’s Ultimate Skyward Dive provides high-speed agility and jumping power to you so that you can easily fly off the sky in a normal free fall. This ability is only available for the season nine version of the game. It is certainly the most optimal way to cover the entire battleground. 

Inventory Management

The inventory management system is nice and easy to operate in apex legends. tapping the menu button brings up a clear and easy-to-navigate inventory with your two weapons front and center, the gear in your backpack displayed, and the ability to easily move or drop items with single button presses.

When you’re scavenging in the open world and from fallen enemies, it’s easy to grab everything, but you’re given a ton of info. Not sure if a certain ammo type or attachment is useful? It will tell you if you’ve got a gun that can use it. Looking at a different gun? It will show which attachments will be automatically transferred. When you look in your inventory, anything you cannot use has a little hazard symbol, so you know you can ditch it.

Best of all, if your inventory is full and you try to pick something up, up pops your backpack showing all the gear you have on you and letting you trade. It’s the inventory management equivalent of wall-running!

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