Hitman 3 Secret Ending: Guide to unlock Hitman 3 'Secret Ending'

Hitman 3 Secret Ending Guide: Guide to unlock the alternate ending in Hitman 3. 

Not many know, but Hitman 3, Io Interactive's conclusion to the World of Assassination Trilogy, has a secret ending! Read more to find out how to get the Hitman 3 secret ending.

Hitman 3 is one of the best games that has come out in 2020, and it has a very interesting plot. 

However, in the last & final mission when you get to providence, you have the option to get a secret ending! 

But, you need to know exactly what to do when you get to that point. In this guide, we will tell you how to unlock the Hitman 3 secret ending, the final game in the World of Assassination Trilogy. 

The plot of Hitman 3 follows Agent 47 & his friend Lucas Grey scouring the globe to track down members of Providence & find the main target dubbed The Constant. 

In the final level of the game, Agent 47 will board a train full of Providence members, which will be traveling around Romania

The objective of this mission is to find the Constant & eliminate him. 

However, by following the steps given below, you can unlock a very cool & interesting secret ending, which also twists the narrative of Hitman 3 on its head.

How to get Hitman 3 Secret Ending

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Below are the steps which will help you to not only complete the final mission in Hitman 3, but will also unlock the secret ending for the game. 

  1. When you finally come face-to-face with the Constant, he will give you an option to use the memory wiping serum again. Agent 47 will refuse the offer, and you will be given various choices on how to kill him.
  2. If you kill the Constant (or use the memory wiping serum on Constant), you will not get the secret ending.
  3. To get the secret ending, wait for 70-75 seconds. Don't do anything. Constant will once again try to persuade Agent 47 to take the Serum.
  4. This time, inject the Serum on yourself, and Agent 47 will pass out.
  5. When Agent 47 wakes up, he will be in a cell, strapped down to a bed. A voice says, "Wake up my friend. It's the dawn of a new day and you have things to do."

This is nothing but a recreation of the introduction of the first Hitman game, which came out in 2020. This doesn't mean that there will be a Hitman 4, but rather it is a nice Easter egg to die-hard Hitman 3 players & fans.

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