Indian Premier League to have specialist umpires to take no-ball calls in 2020

Indian Premier League (IPL) was in the news for a major part of the Indian summer in 2019, for many non-cricketing reasons. One of them being the sub-standard umpiring, which was on display for the entire course of the previous edition. Not once but many a times, the umpires were in the firing lane for failing to judge the correct decisions in the 2019 IPL.

Being one of the most successful T-20 leagues around the globe, IPL has always set high benchmarks for other leagues to follow its footsteps. However, in the past few years, poor umpiring has often drawn unnecessary limelight despite such wonderful cricketing action that usually takes center stage in the IPL contest. 

This time, however, BCCI has decided to tackle such howlers, which could even cost a game to any of the participating teams. In a meeting of IPL governing council on Tuesday at the BCCI headquarters, it was proposed to assign the decision to call no-balls to a specific umpire in each game. As per a senior BCCI official, the subject on improving the umpiring standard in the league was extensively discussed in the meeting chaired by former Test player Brijesh Patel. 

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Virat Kohli was upset on a decision made by Nigel Llong in IPL 2019

One of the members of the Governing council even confirmed about the move to employ a specialized umpire for the job. 

There will be a specialized umpire for this, who will work in co-ordination with the on-field umpires and the third umpire. This is an effort to reduce errors

It was also understood that this umpire would be different from the usual umpiring team comprising of the on-field umpires, third and the fourth umpire. 

There will be an umpire, who will be focused on no-balls only. And he will not be third or fourth umpire.

No Power Player for the time being

While it was predicted that a new concept of 'Power Player' will be introduced in the upcoming edition, however, it was assumed a little to quick to implement it in 2020. The official also mentioned about the general view of all the members in the meeting upon the implementation of Power Player in IPL. 

Power Player may not be used in the next edition of the IPL due to lack of time. Before we implement that in the IPL, we need to test that in domestic tournaments and that will take some time.

Quote Credits: Times of India, Sportstar

Picture Credits: Hindustan Times, India Today

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