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Jake Paul has made quite a name for himself in the world of boxing, whether good or bad, he has been one of the hot topics in recent boxing history. 

So far, Jake Paul has had 5 professional bouts in boxing against debutants and no one has come close to beating the lad so far. Of course, he is yet to face a seasoned boxer but he has started boxing only a few years ago.

In his last bout, he knocked out Tyron Woodley, a former UFC Welterweight World Champion. 

The fact that a YouTuber who used to work in Disney knocked out someone who took heads in the cage for a living is astonishing. Woodley wasn’t just knocked out, he was unconscious for a good 30-40 seconds before even responding. 

Jake Paul: How it all started

The YouTube boxing scene started back in 2017 when UK YouTuber Joe Weller fought his friend Theo Baker for a video. 

KSI, who’s a YouTube Megastar, called out Joe Weller which would create one of the biggest events in internet history. 

After KSI knocked out Joe Weller, he called out Jake Paul and Logan Paul. Big brother Logan was the one who accepted the fight against KSI and Jake Paul agreed to fight KSI’s younger sibling, Deji, this is where it all began.

Jake Paul fought against Deji and it’s fair to say that Deji was the only opponent so far who gave Jake major trouble. 

However, it wasn’t enough as Deji would give up in the fight and this would give Jake the victory. This was Jake’s first-ever boxing match, and the least impressive one compared to his other performances.

Jake Paul: Boxing Career so far

Jake Paul's boxing career has been an uphill journey so far. After beating Deji, he would fight another UK YouTuber but it would be a professional bout against AneSon Gib. 

Everyone would make Jake the underdog as he struggled in his first fight and Gib was yet to lose any of his fights. Defying all the odds, Jake Paul would cause a huge upset as he knocked out AneSon gib in the first round itself. 

After this match, former NBA Superstar Nate Robinson would be Jake Paul’s next opponent, and boy would this be a bad decision for the basketball player as he would turn into an internet meme after getting brutally KOd by Jake Paul. 

Jake Paul then signed with Showtime Boxing, one of the biggest PPV channels in the world. Former UFC fighter and One Championship’s World Title holder would go up against Jake Paul, this would be Jake Paul’s first fight against someone who’s been in combat sports but this someone is known for his bad striking. 

Ben Askren would step in the ring against Jake Paul and get knocked out in the first round itself, this would put everyone in the MMA community on notice as one of their former World Champions was a major mismatch against a YouTuber.

Ben Askren’s good friend, Tyron Woodley stepped up to avenge his friend against Jake Paul. This fight would be one of the toughest as Jake finally faced someone who could strike. 

They have had two fights so far, Jake showed problems in the first fight as he struggled in the middle rounds but came back to get the Unanimous Decision victory. The second fight turned out to be close as well but Jake Paul knocked him out in the sixth round of the fight. 

Jake Paul: What’s next?

It’s unpredictable what Paul does next but he should now fight someone with a little boxing experience in order to gain respect from the real professionals in the boxing universe. He should probably settle his feud against Tommy Fury, The Gypsy King’s younger brother. 

They have had their fair share of back and forth, it’s about time they face each other. Tommy Fury was supposed to fight Jake in December but he pulled out of the bout due to an injury that would lead Tyron Woodley to sign for the rematch. Whatever Jake does next, we are sure that’ll he will be able to make enough buzz and entertainment for it!

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