NBA SEASON is over but now the focus has been shifted to the off-season, ESPN’S Kendrick Perkins a former teammate of Lebron James predicts James Harden is joining Los Angeles Lakers in the summer.

James Harden. Kendrick Perkin predicts Harden to LA Lakers
James Harden (Credit - NBA)

James Harden is expected to opt out of the final year of his contract with Philadelphia Sixers and hit the open market at which point Kendrick Perkin predicts that Lakers could be the suitable destination to land in the free agency. There is no guarantee that James Harden signs an extension with Philadelphia Sixers.

If the move happens, it would be a homecoming for James Harden, A Los Angeles native who attended Artesia High nearby Lakewood.

Joining forces with Lebron James and Anthony Davis in Los Angeles Lakers could be the best option to win a championship.

James Harden is also linked with Houston Rockets but Kendrick Perkins seems to believe the Lakers are a more likely landing spot for the 33-year-old.

Then again the question rises whether it is feasible or not. The Lakers are already strapped when it comes to the Salary Cap, the only way James Harden comes to Los Angeles Lakers is if he is willing to take a significant pay cut. The fear of James Harden not showing up in the postseason will always be a concern, but having players like Austin Reaves and Dennis Schroder will be lethal.

Ever since Lebron James and Anthony Davis teamed up in 2019, the Lakers have searched for a Point guard to complete what they need, The Beard can easily be the primary ball handler and a playmaker in LA after Lebron Allegedly wanted to get rid of D’Lo. James Harden will give them exactly what they need and the possibility of forming an explosive Big-3.

The Los Angeles Lakers can only pray that if James Harden Joins the Lakers Lebron James and AD can stay healthy for long enough to be the incredibly deadly trio they can be.

James Harden averaged 21.0 Points, 10.7 assists, and 6.1 Rebounds per game with the Sixers in 2022-2023.


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