How is life without football during coronavirus?

The coronavirus pandemic has made the world come to a standstill. Major football leagues have been suspended for the time being, while few major football tournaments such as Euro has been rescheduled to next year.

Football fans have been robbed of the opportunity to watch their favourite club or players in action in their favourite league.

Besides, the lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic has robbed football lovers, who go for their regular weekend football sessions with friends, the opportunity to play their favourite sport.

So, how’s life for such folks who are missing all football action, live and on the field?

It’s like you have been robbed of your reason to live

For a person who binges on football, it is similar to losing a reason to live in such times. A person who looks forward to weekend action of football live on television, and a game of football on the field with his buddies, it’s as close to being a non-living object in such times. 

There is no purpose to life

When you work in a rigid corporate lifestyle during the weekdays where you seldom have time for yourself, you look to your weekend action of football on the field. 

But thanks to the lockdown, you no longer have the purpose to look forward to the Sundays anymore. Sunday is like any other day now except you are locked up in your home now.

Life has been full of anxiety

You have been watching and playing football for years. But thanks to this lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic, you are living life full of anxiety as there’s no positive news about when this testing period will get over, and you will be back to living your life to the fullest – by enjoying a game of football. 

You are glued to the news all the time, checking for updates when normal life will be back and you will be back on the playing field.

You lose interest in other facets of life

When you satiate your hunger for football on the weekends, and occasionally on weekdays with Champions League matches, you get the energy to carry through the day, weeks and years. But now with no action possible, you even lose interest in other facets of life, and just stop living. 

You recollect old memories of those amazing days when you had really some great football action, and keep longing for those days.

The ball becomes your favourite toy

The round, muddy ball becomes your favourite toy in such times. You keep knocking the ball on the walls as you vent your frustration with no football action possible for days and weeks. 

You keep the ball close to your bed or heart, and keep honing your footballing skills indoors in the hope of being update with the game when football will finally resume after the lockdown period gets over.

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