Easier to move the cathedral than bringing Lionel Messi to Inter, says Conte

Antonio Conte has once more reiterated how unlikely a move for the Barcelona superstar is. Inter Milan are linked with Lionel Messi although Conte himself feels that the deal is impossible. Conte joked that it would be simpler to move Milan’s cathedral than Barcelona’s skipper.

Recently there was speculation that believed Inter could pull off a very surprising move for Messi in this transfer window when a picture of the Argentine was projected onto the Duomo di Milano on Tuesday. Journalists in Italy have reported that Inter’s owners were behind the stunt. It was basically crafted to publicize television coverage of the Nerazzurri’s Serie A clash with Napoli, which they won 2-0.

However, it did more than what was expected and Messi has been linked with Conte’s team again. Messi has been open about his discomfort because of the incidents happening in and around Barcelona this season. Messi’s father bought a house in Milan recently and after this news broke out, people started expecting the possibility of the Argentine’s arrival.

But soon after that, chief executive Giuseppe Marotta came forward and told everyone that the suggestions of Messi joining Inter were only possible in “fantasy football.” Conte cleared the air while talking to Sky Sport Italia. He was asked whether he would sign Lionel Messi or four players worth €50m each, the Inter boss said that both are impossible at the moment.

“I am holding on tight to my players, as they are giving their all, I can guarantee that. It’d be easier to move the Duomo tan than bring Messi to Inter.” 

Another Argentine who is currently on a roll is Lautaro Martinez. His impactful run and the 30-yard finish was his third goal since January only but he has been one of the top-most emerging talents this season and probably someone who Conte can look forward to putting up good numbers.

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