Lionel Messi's most watched goal for Inter Miami in America

Wherever Lionel Messi plays, a record is either broken or created. His move from PSG to Inter Miami had set shockwaves across the world. And very early on his journey in America, Lionel Messi managed to break a Guinness world record with one of his many strikes to the back of the net. 

Although he has been the face of Football in the 2010s alongside Cristiano Ronaldo but the attention this particular goal received from the American audience is unprecedented. It has had far greater instant impact than the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Al-Nassr in the middle east has had  and has implications that are far beyond the realms of on the pitch proceedings.

Lionel Messi's most watched goal for Inter Miami in America
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A 4-0 win over Atlanta which secured a place in the knockouts of the League Cup for Inter Miami last season was the setting of this world record setting goal by Lionel Messi and that is kind of expected from someone who is a seven-time Ballon d'Or. Even though when you think about it, that level of output is bonkers even as a flash in a pan let alone being that consistent with it.

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It was Lionel Messi's 2nd goal for the club versus Atlanta United that became the most watched live event in the History of USA. As for the Goal itself, it was as if Barcelona had donned a pink jersey with the old guard rolling back the clock  and delighting Uncle Sams across the States. 

A ball lifted over the top of midfield by none other than Sergio Busquets who with his vision still managed to eliminate most of Atalanta's midfield and defence with a single ball over the top. Messi receives and controls with a beautiful first touch and runs into the empty space to shoot. Atalanta's defender just about manages to get back in time and tries to make a last ditch Tackle but Messi manages to get his shot through only for it to hist the right side post, relief for Atalanta United's defence and their entire team and supporters right ??.. wrong. 

It immediately bounces back straight to Messi and he wastes no time in slotting the ball on rebound into the back of their net which resulted in the crowd going completely crazy especially considering the fact that back then Inter Miami were a disappointing mess who had nothing going their way in the league and the Cup. Campaigns also looked to be heading in a similar direction which would have lead to even further embarrassment but fortunately Lionel Messi came to the rescue for the side based in Florida.

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This goal became the most watched live event in the History of USA  with 3.4 billion views and this is nothing short of spectacular for both Inter Miami as well as MLS as a whole and this has been possible all thanks to the vision of David Beckham who brought Messi , Busquets , Jordi Alba and Suarez at the club. Although this alone has raised the profile of the club, this record breaking viewership is only a testament to the fact that Brand Messi is still as strong as it was during his Barca years and with USA being a highly commercialized  country, it won't be a surprise if another Messi goal  in the future breaks the current record.

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His Performances at Inter Miami suggest that he isn't slowing down anytime soon and for a team which finished in the bottom half  last season, Messi and Co. have taken them to the top this season although it's still too early to call. But if he keeps on producing goals like the one which broke the viewership records then there is no doubt that Inter Miami would go on to have a great season ahead.

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