Longest winning runs in football history

The feeling of being on a roll is undefeatable in today's ultra competitive environment where nothing can go wrong no matter what . 

Even though East Kilbride's 3-1 victory over BSC Glasgow in November 2016  meant that they had the longest winning streak  but on the records Guinness Book of World records had discarded it as they deemed this record to be outside the top tiers of football to give it any authenticity, So who has the best winning run , stay tuned and read it in full. 

10. Barcelona - 18 wins (2005-06) 

Credits- FC Barcelona official 

Prime Ronaldinho  Era dancing around Camp not running rings  around opposition defenders like it's  a carnival and being effective too with 21 goal contribution in 18 games under Frank Rijkaard, a manager who could possibly have been somewhere else a couple of years ago. There is more chance of Netherlands Antilles having a Ronaldinho level player and the run Barca has as much as I have a chance of getting a date with Salma Hayek. 

9. Palmeiras - 21 wins (1996) 

Credits- Palmeiras Official

You might have heard of the name Rivaldo, right ?You might have also heard of Vanderlei Luxemburgo, no? I won't blame you but one of the finest campaigns of a young Rivaldo coincided  with a national-record of  21 consecutive wins in 1996. He has given Brazil NT the 1999 Copa America but even a coach with such illustrious achievements has been embroiled in various controversies and had  reportedly been called the worst coach by Luis Figo. Was that 21 game winning streak a Ruvaldo Phenomenon,  a fluke or Tactical genius, we would never know but this would stand in the record books regardless. 

8. Man City - 21 wins (2020-21) 

Credits-  Manchester City  Official

It was sooner rather than later that all of would have expected a team revolutionized  by Pep in recent times and had long overshadowed the previous best by Preston North End way back in 1892, an era where the concept of a  penalty area didn't  even exist. Thus this record is extremely unprecedented  as British top flight football is generally perceived to be one of the most tightly contested leagues in the world. 

7. TNS - 21 wins (2023-24) 

Credits-  The New Saints Official(TNS)

Staying  within  UK, this won't be the last time that you would be seeing this team on the list (Spoiler). TNS short for The New Saints also coincidentally the acronym of their primary sponsor Total Network Solutions. And the Welsh side plying their trade in the Cymru Premier would have actually been the record holder though they are more than happy to be rubbing shoulders with the best even though they are not amused with Guinness's reasoning to strip them of that honour.

6. Real Madrid - 22 wins (2014) 

Credits- Real Madrid Official

Peak CR7, the first dawn of Don Carlo, simpler times. 22 win game streak was just expected of a team stacked with galacticos and they delivered. Although if you were to ask Carlo Ancelotti, he would be a killjoy and state that there were a lot more trophies that were lost than won during his first stint with Los Blancos. 

5. Bayern Munich - 23 wins (2020) 

Credits- Bayern Munich Official

Some might bant and say "Bayern-Liga" for a reason. But that is somewhat true considering the gulf in class both on the pitch as  well as in the finance department and the lockdown period only put this harsh reality under a giant microscope. But that shouldn't write in credibility off from Bayern who had worked very hard to achieve this under the legendary Hansi Flick. 

4. Coritiba - 24 wins (2011) 

If I tell you that this run of wins wasn't enough for Cortiba to win them their league this year, you would say I am lying. But at times truth is stranger than fiction and by the end of the season in June, Vasco had emerged as winners despite  having their foot forward. Cortiba really ended up being the rabbit in their title charge that season. 

3. Ajax - 25 wins (1995)

Credits- Ajax Official

Up next we have Ajax  who under the stewardship of the brilliant legendary Dutch player and manager Lous Van Gaal  managed to take Europe by storm but had ultimately fallen short of the legendary Cryuff due a draw against  Swiss side Grasshopper. But credits  to him, he managed to strike the perfect balance between beautiful expansive football and ugly but pragmatic football. These aren't my words, these are the words of Jorge Valdano  who managed Real Madrid during the mid 90s. 

2. Ajax - 26 wins (1971-72) 

Credits- Ajax Official

Hello ! Who is there on the list at 2nd, oh it's Ajax again setting the trend for the future geberations with icons such as Cruyff, Keizer and Johnny Rep showcasing us the first glimpse of a revolutionary style of play at that time which is now known as total football after rigid taskmaster Rinus Michels - departed for Barcelona. Stefan Kovacs, the next manager gave those lads  some  breathing space.

1. TNS - 27 wins (2016) 

Credits- The New Saints Official(TNS)

And finally, the winner of this list is TNS, again what a twist. All seriousness the circumstances surrounding this historic achievement was as anti-climatic as it can be  as the title charge was wrapped halfway through December of that season. And according to their captain Marriott, it was just an "okay cool see you tomorrow " moment rather than a grandiose celebration of any proportions.

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