Most Clean sheets in Premier League 23-24

If you are a keeper, then you are a keeper. But in football, the cleaner your sheets are, the greener your stats are (In FIFA). Here I am going to save you some time if you for some reason are looking for the top 10 goalkeepers in the 23-24 Premier League season as I have done the research for you which you can have a look all at one place, in this piece. Let's find out who is at No. 1 in most clean sheets in Premier League 23-24.

(10) Neto - AFC Bournemouth

Neto (Credits-AFCB - Official Club)

At number 10, we have the former Barcelona shot stopper with 5 clean sheets in 20  matches with an average percentage of 22.7% according to transfer market at the time of wiring.  The cherries have been a high flying unit after the initial scepticism and calls for Andoni to get the sack to the subsequent revival. Neto has been an instrumental base on which the foundation of Bournemouth's success this season have been laid down upon. Not bad for a supposedly traditional keeper.

(9) Sam Johnstone - Crystal Palace

Sam Johnstone (Credits - Sky Sports)

In 9th, we have former Manchester United academy graduate Sam Johnstone who although has played 3 less matches than his predecessor but the sample size is enough to give him credit where it's due. Although he has got the same number of clean sheets as Neto, it's his save percentage which helps him clinch the number 9 position with a slightly improved save percentage of 29.4%.

(8) Bernd Leno - Fulham

Bernd Leno (Credits - Fulham Official)

Next up we have Benrd Leno, who has been on the Premier League scene for sometime now initially with Arsenal and now with Fulham making London his home. He managed to a respectable job in guarding between the sticks, ensuring that his team sticks by virtue of his commanding presence behind the sticks. He has played 25 matches and has got 6 clean sheets with a save percentage of 24%, approximately conceding 1 every four shots.

(7) Emiliano Martínez- Aston Villa

Emiliano Martínez (Credits- Sky Sports)

Gracing the list at number 7 is 2022 World Cup winner and former Gunner cult hero who has been a solid presence for a  surprisingly resurgent Aston Villa who has Veena in the top 3 and would be hoping to launch an outside title charge. I know it sound borderline delusional but with a personality this eccentric you can't count anything out. This has been backed up by his on pitch exploits with 6 clean sheets in 24 matches with a save percentage of 24%.

(6) Nick Pope- Newcastle United

Nick Pope (Credits- Newcastle United Official)

The player who has played the least number of matches at 14 sits sixth on the list with Pope  who' s divine intervention has lead to 6 clean sheets and the highest save percentage  of 42.9%. Newcastle may be a super club of the future but Nick is helping Newcastle Nick points in the present and has been unlucky to get so few England Caps for the talent that he is.

(5) André Onana - Manchester United

Andre Onana (Credits - Reuters)

Though considered somewhat of a meme at United so far, Onana is your modern ball playing keeper with considerable keeping ability but someone who does end making mistakes every now and then. But statistically he is above many keepers who have been perceived as reliable and solid with 7 clean sheets in 25 matches at a  save percentage of 28%. It could arguably be a indication of the fact that he has been on the receiving end of undue harsh criticism from the fans and media unlike and deserve to be treated more fairly.

(4) Alisson- Liverpool

Allison (Credits - Liverpool FC Official)

Entering top 4, we have Alisson who has been an ever present between the sticks at field and has even popped up with a goal or to every once in Blue moon. But we are talking about his goalkeeping which is often overshadowed due to his flashy playstyle and 7 clean sheets in 21 matches at 33.3% save rate are testament to the fact that even purely as a keeper he is one of the best in the game for sometime now.

(3) Jordan Pickford - Everton

Jordan Pickford (Credits - Everton FC Official)

Current England and Everton Number 1 Jordan Pickford sits at number 3 for the toffees who has been hit with multiple points deductions. 8 clean sheets in 25 matches at a save rate of 32% is something that would be expected of someone of the stature of England No. 1 and he has delivered the goods with only his shithousery being better than his goalkeeping apparently.

(2) Ederson - Manchester City

Ederson (Credits - Sky Sports)

Closely tied at Number 2 is Ederson of Manchester City who has done for City what Allison has done for Liverpool but with a more illustrious trophy cabinet. But his trophy cabinet is not the only things that's shining bright, his goalkeeping this season has also been top notch with 8 clean sheets in 24 matches with a save rate of 33.3%. He would be hoping to continue his work with the gloves if Manchester City are to win the title this season.

(1) David Raya

David Raya (Credits - Arsenal Official)

New Gunner recruit David Raya sits at the top spot with 8 clean sheets in 20 matches with a 40% save percentage. He is an important part of the reason why Mikel Arteta and his men are feared by the opposition right now and it can only get better from now on. But he has to keep the odd mistakes in check if he wants to keep his form and by virtue of that keep his place in the starting line-up as Ramsdale is always lurking behind the shadows ready to impress whenever he gets the chance and Raya slips up.

Cover Credits - Dexerto

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