NFL pre-season | Early favorites for Super Bowl LVIII

The pre-season will soon commence, and fans have many exciting games to watch. The pre-season is our chance to dip into who has the potential to take home the iconic trophy of the Super Bowl. In this article, you get an introduction to the pre-season as well as the very anticipated 58th version of the Super Bowl.

When does the NFL pre-season kick-off? 

This summer is about to get heated, as the pre-season kicks off on August 3rd. In the first game, the Cleveland Browns face the New York Jets on home ground. The first week consists of the Philadelphia Eagles playing against the Baltimore Ravens, the Colts taking on the Bills, and the Los Angeles Chargers facing the Los Angeles Rams. 

Although there is still some time until kickoff, it isn’t too early to predict the odds for the 2023-24 season. Many bettors also decide to place wagers before the regular season, but it is also possible to bet during the season. Regarding the wins this upcoming season, the 49ers and Chiefs are at the top with odds of 11.5 wins. 

The odds of the Super Bowl 2024

Last year, the odds were +600 for Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Buccaneers as favorites, although Kansas City Chiefs took home the trophy. Since the previous Super Bowl, the Chiefs have been favorites with odds of +650. They are in close pursuit of the Philadelphia Eagles at +700. 

Even though the playoffs are in the U.S., it is still possible to bet on the game from other places. If you wish to participate, visit for more information on how to bet on the NFL. Here, you can also bet on leagues and sports in other countries. 

When does the NFL pre-season kick-off?
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Where to watch the games

It usually isn’t possible to stream the games or the Super Bowl unless you are in the U.S. Some countries do show the games, but only specific channels own the rights to show the Super Bowl. The NFL season is limited to U.S. citizens. Therefore fans from around the world are blocked from watching the game. In order to follow along, fans will have to get a VPN to watch the games. This way, you can bypass the geographic restrictions and have the chance to watch the NFL. 

Super Bowl LVIII: What’s new?

The 58th Super Bowl is marked by new and old beginnings when February rolls around. The Super Bowl will be held in Nevada and the Las Vegas area for the first time. But it is the third year in a row that the Super Bowl is hosted in the Western part of the U.S. The Super Bowl will be held at the Allegiant Stadium, also known as the home ground of the Raiders. The stadium is just near the well-known Las Vegas Strip. 

If you want to get a spot at the Super Bowl, prepare for high prices, as the average ticket will reach a record high compared to previous years. Las Vegas is well-known for its casinos. Therefore, it is not unthinkable that many fans will decide to come by. Next year, the Super Bowl will be heading to the Caesars Superdome of New Orleans in Louisiana.

The favorites of this year: The Chiefs 

It was a tight and thrilling match when the two best teams of the season, the Chiefs and the Eagles faced each other. With identical records, the result could come down to the last minute. The Eagles had a great start. But Kansas City Chiefs ended up responding accordingly which led to a tie of 7-7 after six plays. Ultimately, the Chiefs were superior with a field goal ending it all.

The Chief’s phenomenal performance puts them at the top of their season. They’re undoubtedly the best team this year, although they will get close competition from the Eagles and 49ers. It would only seem bizarre not to think that the Chiefs would take home the title as champions for the second time in a row. However, anything can happen in the NFL. 

The star player

Patrick Mahomes from Kansas City Chiefs is one of the best players in the NFL. He is the highest-paid quarterback, which cements his star status. His statistics speak for themselves as he managed to get 38 passing touchdowns in 2021. At only 24 years old, he led the Chiefs to their first time at the Super Bowl in 50 years, where they ended up defeating the 49ers. Because of his performance, he was awarded the MVP, which he also received at the latest Super Bowl.

Mahomes grew up playing baseball. According to him, this improved his arm strength. He has the strength, running ability, and innovative thinking when making throws. Timing is key, and Patrick Mahomes just seems to possess that. Many experts deem him as the most talented player in the NFL right now. 

Hits and misses from the previous Super Bowl

When looking at odds from several bookmakers, some did predict that the Kansas City Chiefs would win the playoffs. However, teams like the Tennessee Titans and Denver Broncos were surprising. The Philadelphia Eagles, who weren’t even in the top three at many bookmakers, ended up facing the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. 

Bookmakers aren’t always 100 percent accurate. But there are also factors like free agency and the draft which can affect the teams’ destiny. When betting, there should also be a sense of unpredictability. 

Odds of the other teams

Even though the Kansas City Chiefs are favorites with +650, it is still interesting to look at the other teams. The San Francisco 49ers are in a close third place with +900, whereas Buffalo Bills are at +900. However, the Eagles are also moving up, which is interesting considering Philadelphia's powerful draft. At the bottom, there are teams like Houston Texans and Arizona Cardinals with odds of +20000. 

But with the draft and transfers like Aaron Rodgers joining the Jets and Javon Hargrave joining the 49e could mix things up. Therefore, the odds are likely to change within the next few months. 

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