Dark clouds surround Old Trafford as player mutiny begins against Rangnick

Before the start of the season, Manchester United were among the club that would challenge other big Premier League teams for the title race. 

However, their start began on a reassuring note, but things quickly became a nightmare, as the club got on a losing spree and even found hard-to-beat bottom table teams, which saw Ole Gunnar Solskjaer getting sacked by the club.  

The club then appointed new interim manager Ralf Rangnick, who has made a stuttering start to his new life at Old Trafford. 

They recently lost 1-0 to Wolves at Old Trafford, which has triggered tension in the dressing room, as many players want to leave the club, and many are not happy with the German’s tactics. 

Why do 17 Manchester United player wants to leave the club?

There has been so much heat in dressing that 17 players want to exit the club next season. Edinson Cavani, Paul Pogba, Anthony Martial, Jesse Lingard, Donny van de Beek, Dean Henderson and Eric Bailly are discontent at the club. Ralf Rangnick is well aware of the fact.

It is said that the German coach has divided the dressing room after having individual talks with the player regarding their transfer. The club is believed to become increasingly fragmented, and there is no cohesion whatsoever. 

Antonio Martial could join Sevilla if their offer improves, while Pogba and Lingard show no interest in extending their contract. Cavani is also willing to leave the club, although he has been told to stay. 

It’s evident in Donny van de Beek, Dean Henderson and Eric Bailly’s case, as they have received a lack of playing time and are unhappy with the club.

Nemanja Matic, Fred and Diogo Dalot’s contract will run out this summer, but Dalot and Fred will likely extend their contract. 

Why United players are not happy with Rangnick’s tactics? 

According to sources, after a 1-0 defeat to Wolves, the manager faced player rebellion. Since the appointment of the German coach, the players have shown no sign of improvement on the pitch and are fed up with his tactics

The report claims that Rangnick lacks authority in the dressing room and players are unhappy with him and his assistant manager. However, Rangnick is understood to be staying as a consultant manager and not on a permanent basis.  

Luke Shaw said, “It’s not good. The atmosphere is really bad, and it looks like there are going to be big problems ahead for United.”

His formations 4-2-2-2 have failed to show any outcomes, and the Manchester United supporters have told Rangnick to switch to a 4-3-3 in a poll taken after a 1-0 defeat. 20,000 votes were lodged, and all of them preferred the 4-3-3 system. 

Only six per cent have voted for 4-2-2-2 play. The players have failed to assert dominance, which was seen in a game against Wolves. This has led to frustration in stands. 

Why the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo has affected other players? 

The 36-year-old made headlines when he re-joined his old club Manchester United, and he did make a great impression in his second debut, but Ronaldo has been the root of United’s woes as well. 

Ronaldo has netted 14 goals in 21 games for United this season. However, that’s not the case; his overall performance on the pitch has been futile, which has led to young talents wasting their opportunity on the bench.  

And many players have been frustrated with Ronaldo’s undroppable status leading to less playing time for other young attackers. 

Due to his presence in the dressing room, Maguire has lost his captaincy persona, and his performance on this pitch has drastically waned, and there were rumors that the club might sell Harry Maguire.

Tactically there has been a lack of coordination and identity in the attack. Since Ronaldo is playing up-front, the two creative midfielders only look for Ronaldo, which has unbalanced their attack. 

Last season, there was a great linkage between Rashford, Greenwood, and Cavani. The team had clear emphasis during the counter-attack. Players had great width giving fullbacks to underlap and overlap during the transition and enough time on the ball. Midfielders like Pogba and Bruno were patients before the final touch. 

However, the arrival of Ronaldo has seen their delivery always into the box, and the former Real Madrid player has found it hard to unmark himself from two centre-backs. 

The three pacy wingers, Rashford, Greenwood and Sancho, are often neglected, leaving the two creative midfielders playing the ball in congested areas.

Will Manchester United solve their off-the-field issues and return to winning ways? 

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