Get The PlaySight Edge: A Sports AI Video Technology for Every Sport

The future for all sports-persons, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes, irrespective of the sport they play, looks brighter than anyone could have ever imagined. PlaySight has introduced its smart, AI-driven, video and analytics platform that can be used across all levels of every sport to analyse and improve their game.

PlaySight’s innovative sports AI technology connects courts, fields, gyms, rinks, and other sports fields to the internet, enabling athletes to record, instantly replay, review, and improve their performance. With the athlete at the center of the platform, Playsight’s platform offers high-tech tools with unique features such as coaching tools, live streaming, automated production, and fan engagement tools.

PlaySight’s platform provides SmartCourt - an AI-powered, smart camera that can be connected to different sport fields, which enables athletes to leverage ‘smart’ sports facilities. 

Athletes can gain immense benefit out of innovative features of SmartCourt and the entire platform, such as multi-angle video recording, instant replay and VAR, SmartTracker technology, data and analytics, automated live streaming, and tagging software. This can help athletes not only improve their game but also socialize and inspire other athletes by leveraging the power of technology.

Athlete Development Remains the Primary Focus

All the features offered in the PlaySight’s all-in-one sports technology platform can be suited for all sports ranging from tennis, ice hockey, waterpolo, to wrestling, gymnastic, lacrosse, and martial arts.

With the help of video recording and editing features, and analytics, athletes can train and record their performance, irrespective of the category of sports they play, athletes can easily keep track of their training sessions.

Athletes can also make complete use of PlaySight’s advanced SmartTracker technology to record all ball and player action, which is recorded through multi-angle video recording broadcast production feature of its SmartCourt. 

The platform is also integrated with the next-generation SmartScore technology, which offers end users an exceptional, pro-level viewing experience that can be further utilised for enhanced fan engagement across the PlaySight Sports Network.

The best-in-the-industry sports AI technology introduced by PlaySight is expected to narrow down the technological barrier for traditional as well as high-profile sports in the coming years. PlaySight is set to fuel young athletes to establish a remarkable benchmark in the sport of their choice, push their boundaries to achieve and share their success by utilizing the power of the next-gen technologies, and get the PlaySight Edge!
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