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Football is among the most popular sports, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though wild celebrations by fans on the roads have been curbed, they still are clinging on to amazing memories and reliving the euphoria.

The universality of the game takes it beyond the boundaries of cultures, countries, and religions, making it an extremely special sport, especially for the ones who practice. While the game has this magical impact on the minds of all football fans, there are so many budding football players that are aiming to better their games and skills.

Formalytics offers a new high-tech performance enhancement tool for football players, which can observe and improve their foundational skills by measuring and benchmarking mechanisms. Formalytics can be accessed simply through a smartphone, but its tech-based features including Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Computer Vision platform can help players like getting real-time training.

Benchmark Your Skills with a Mobile Phone - myKicks iOS App can Transform Your Game


Football enthusiasts are resorting to innovative ways of training, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Formalytics’ futuristic way of football training and skill enhancement triggered the launch of a digital app interface - myKicks - in June 2018, which can profoundly help players to test their skills with the utmost accuracy. The app employs artificial intelligence technology to help players improve their kicking accuracy as well as speed - turning a conventional football into a ‘Smart’ football.

During the Men's 2018 World Cup, Formalytics’ first ever mobile app that can be used for accurate skill measurement purposes was ranked at #1 on the UK’s iOS App Store in the Sports category. By now, the revolutionary platform by Formalytics has been featured by online football influencers like Miniminter and ChrisMD, and it has become one of the world’s largest databases of kicks with more than 500,000 penalty kicks recorded so far.

Formalytics is now aiming to introduce another revolutionary concept in the field of football training - the real-life Player Card. The concept resembles the one from the game EA Sports FIFA, and this is expected to further amplify the players experience while using Formalytics’ platforms. The company has successfully carried out its pilot trials with some of the world’s largest football leagues including Major League Soccer and UEFA, and will soon launch it for its global audience.

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