Premier League stars realistic about playing behind closed doors

Bobby Barnes, the deputy chief executive of Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA), has said that the Premier League Footballers are getting themselves mentally prepared for having to play behind closed doors. 

The Premier League is currently suspended till 30th of April. The way the COVID situation stands in England at the moment, it’s seems a very unlikely scenario that the competition will resume in the first week of May.

The number of patients is on the rise and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has now imposed a lockdown on the nation.

Jurgen Klopp Premier League
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp (Photo: Sky Sports)

However, the clubs are getting financially hit because of the halt and it might directly impact the wages and the contracts of certain footballers.

Television money is a huge part of professional football and that being zero for quite some time is a huge matter of concern for all parties involved.

Barnes has insisted that there is a strong will to find some kind of a solution for the Premier League action to resume, but it’s a very difficult challenge even if the competition has to resume behind closed doors.

“In an ideal world, we would be playing in front of crowds. But we’re not in an ideal world and certainly, the players I’ve spoken to accept that if that is what it’s going to be, that’s what it will have to be.” Barnes was quoted as saying by The Athletic.

“The reality is that for the vast majority of the players, particularly at the highest level, their income is funded by television money and there are contracts that have to be adhered to.” Barnes further added.

It’s also a matter of debate in England if Liverpool should be crowned the Premier League champions in case the competition doesn’t resume at all.

While some agree to it given the substantial lead that Liverpool has in the table, some argue since the Reds haven’t “mathematically” secured the title yet, the season should be declared null and void.

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