PUBG Mobile Club Open: South Asia Regional Semi-finals - All about it

The Top 24 PUBG teams of South Asia will battle it out for the ticket to PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split grand finals to be held in Malaysia.

Which countries took part from the South Asia region:

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Nepal


2019 PMCO Spring Split was a huge success which culminated with Top Esports winning it in Germany. The prize pool was $2.5 million USD and it garnered attention from all over the globe.

Team Soul was the winner from the India region and they represented India at Berlin. Team IND and Team Indian Tigers went to the Prelims but were eliminated at that stage.

Tencent Games and PUBG Corp. has now come up with the Fall Split of the Club Open event. 14130 squads and 56000 participated in a grueling battle to decide who will reach the finals.

The Format

A total of 24 teams will represent their respective countries. Top 16 will go through to the Regional Finals. The Play-ins will take place at KD Jadhav Indoor Hall in Delhi, India from the 6th of November.

The format   Credits: PUBG

The 24 teams will be divided into three groups of eight teams each. Only teams from two groups will play at any given time. Each combination (A & B, A & C and B & C) will play 8 games each to give us a total of 24 games. 

The top 16 teams will go through to the Regional Finals. There will be ten matches in the finals to decide who goes through to the Global Finals and who will go through to the Global Prelims pool.

The format gives a chance for the best teams to emerge as it negates the chances of sheer luck. The best 16 teams will play in the Regional Finals to be held in Delhi from 8th of November.

The 24 teams    Credits: PUBG

The Three Groups and the teams are as follows:

Group A

Orange Rock 



SynerGE Retribution


ETG Brawlers

Entity Gaming

Trust D Process

Group B


8 Bit



RiP Official

Zero Degree



Group C



Team Insidious




Nepali Ho Ni

New Points System for PUBG Mobile Club Open

New PMCO Point system   Credits: PUBG

The new PMCO point system has been adopted to promote and favour aggresive gameplay. Kill points now have their weight in gold and no team can go far ahead in the standings just on the basis of placement points.

Teams to look out for

Team Orange Rock: This team has taken the Indian PUBG community by storm. The team is made up of former Indian Tigers members, Carry and Mavi, who are well supported by Ex1stence and Sandhu.

This team topped the group stages of South Asia and look primed to serge ahead in the semifinals too. The new point system will also favour them as they are aggressive as they come.

Team Entity: Another very aggressive team consist of two of India's best assaulters in Neyoooo and Jonathan. It is well led by Ghatak and if they remain consistent, they can easily top the table.

Team Soul: It is the defending champion and has plenty of experience in LAN tournaments. It is also the most popular team among the masses as it consist of Mortal, who is India's biggest PUBG mobile star. 

Soul has changed its roster and is beginning to come into its own. New additions, Regaltos and Clutchgod are turning the tables with their aggressive game play and they will sail through given the caliber of players and the huge support they are going to get in the arena.

Team Fnatic: This is also a newly built team and, which consist of two former Soul members in Ronak and Owais. Fnatic is led by Scout, who is a brilliant assaulter and strategist.

This team can spring a surprise in the semi-finals and may well come out on top if they remain consistent over the course of the event.

Some other teams which can turn the tide and rise to the occasion are Team MegaX, Team INS, TeamIND and Team 8 Bit.

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