PUBG Mobile India Tour Final: All about the Event, Finalists and Prediction

PlayerUnkown’s Battleground Mobile has taken India by storm. The craze and reach of the game has surpassed all expectations.

The popular game has about 50 million users from India alone. So keeping this in mind, Tencent and PUBG Corp. planned on a nationwide tournament which was free for all to participate with a massive prize pool of INR 1.5 Crores.

It was named PMIT (PUBG Mobile India Tour). The registrations for the same started on 1st of July, 2019. 

Around 400,000 players registered for the tournament. The country was divided into four groups namely A who's centre was Jaipur. Group B was Guwahati. Group C was Pune and Group D was of Hyderabad.

It was staged at a large scale with plenty of rounds in between to allow the best of the very best of the country to reach the finals. All the famous Esports organizations, clans and players took part to showcase their skills and talents.

It started with the In-game Qualifiers and then two rounds of Online Playoffs were conducted. This was succeeded by  the Group Finals of all four regions. Four teams from every group reached the grand finals. There was also a Wildcard round from which four more teams came through making it 20 teams who would fight it out for the ultimate prize on 19th and 20th of October in Kolkata.

Let’s look at all the teams who have reached the finals after so many knockout rounds which is an achievement in itself.

Group A - Jaipur

  • Rising Hydra - 131 Points
  • Team Titans - 94 Points
  • Kill2Survive - 94 Points
  • Revenge Esports - 90 Points

Group B - Guwahati

  • 8Bit Rampage - 122 Points
  • Team Insidious - 122 Points
  • Team GE - 100 Points
  • Team All Stars - 93 Points

Group C - Pune

  • God’s Reign - 133 Points
  • Team Mayhem - 111 Points
  • Orange Rock Esports - 106 Points
  • Instinct Shooters Officials - 101 Points

Group D - Hyderabad

  • Team Skul - 114 Points
  • Beyond Your Reach - 94 Points
  • Team AR - 86 Points
  • Saiyans Legacy - 85 Points


There were four Wildcard spots up for grabs as well. All the remaining 16 finalist who couldn't make it to the grand finals played a wild card round and one team from each group reached the finals.

Four Wildcard teams from four different groups:

  • Team Dignity from Group A
  • Back for Revenge from Group B
  • BurnX Official from Group C
  • Team Hyp from Group D
PMIT 20 FInalists       Credits: PUBG India Youtube

These 20 teams will have the ultimate opportunity to become the first PMIT Champions and etch their names in history. There are some well reputed teams in the finals who are well known youtubers and are renowned in the Indian Gaming Community. 

At the same time, there are some surprise packages who have showed some real spark and are totally capable of holding their own in the finals.

Some well reputed teams such as Team Entity, Team X Spark, Mega X couldn't reach to the finals given their bad luck in the knockout rounds given the nature of the tournament. This can give us an idea about the difficulty it posed and the consistency it required to reach the finals. 

Whereas, reigning PUBG Mobile India Series and Pubg Mobile Club Open India champions, Soul which consist of the biggest and the most popular PUBG Mobile name 'Mortal', didn't participate in the tournament due to a last minute change in their roster.

Winner Prediction: Orange Rock Esports

This team consist of Carry, Mavi, Sandhu and Ex1stence. Looking at their performances in this tournament and the past couple of months, Team OR is the most consistent team out there. They are not afraid of a fight and would come out winners in almost all four vs four fights. 

They have a distinct aggressive style of play and with Mavi playing as the flanker of the team, every member give cover fire from different directions due to which they are able to cut rotations of other teams and garner high kill count chicken dinners more often than not. My bet is on Orange Rock. 

The Grand Finals are going to be held in Biswa Bangla Convention Centre, Kolkata. For people who can't be out there, the whole event will be broadcasted live on PUBG Mobile India Youtube Channel from 12 PM IST. Catch the whole action on these action packed these two days to witness some laser 6x sprays, some fearsome AWM shots and a whole lot of Chicken Dinners.]

Cover Image Credits: PUBG India

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