Raya vs Ramsdale: Arteta's Goalkeeper Gamble Assessed

They say that there can't two swords in one sheath but Arteta this season has been trying to do just that by having these two in their Arsenal to mastermind and help the Gunners gun down their title charge.

Aaron Ramsdale(Left) & David Raya(Right) (Credit - Sky Sports)

Though initially Ramsdale was the undisputed number 1 under Arteta, ever since Raya came into the picture  it has severely affected Ramsdale's performance and in recent weeks has been more or less side-lined. Even though the rational that Arteta reportedly provided for pitting 2 Number 1 goalkeepers against each other to get the best out of each other via fostering a healthy competition. It has instead resulted in instability, lack of confidence, nervy moments between the sticks whether it's shoddy glovework by Raya at time under pressure (Cue Luton Game for Examples) this season where he committed an error in an Ariel duels with their striker or Ramsdale who in his limited appearances this season has been surprisingly uncomfortable with playing out from the back. So this move has clearly made both of them prone to the odd error every now and then.

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As far as statistical metrics are concerned, Raya undisputedly comes out on top owing to his extended run of game co inciting with the uptick in gunners form and subsequent rise to the top of the table as of now. But before Raya came, Ramsdale was pretty solid for Arteta for the past few seasons and has been an integral part of their Title charges and their numbers back then we're almost identical. Also, Ramsdale was the flashy ball playing keeper when he was brought in to replace the brilliant but technically limited with the ball Bernd Leno. Thus, we can safely conclude that he is no mug with the ball at his feet and is equally if not more capable than Raya as far as playing out of the back.

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Raya obviously has the Spanish advantage with Mikel Arteta being Spanish there is a possibility that he might be able to better communicate his vision and have a better understanding. He can comfort with Raya as well as his emphasis on starting out his attacks from the back which Raya has been doing well recently. 

On the other hand, Ramsdale has had invaluable experience in the Premier League plus is homegrown and is generally at home in the Premier League that too standing tall in averse conditions  with relegation scraps. With Bournemouth and Sheffield United which exemplifies his mental fortitude that has turned him into a mentality beast which is an absolute necessary when you are going for a Title charge especially against juggernaut like City and Pool.

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This Raya vs Ramsdale gamble isn't really a gamble but its is a deliberate man management strategy by Arteta, the gamble here is whether it's comes off or not. Even though this hasn't been ideal for either Ramsdale or Raya but the table spells out a different picture with the Gunners sitting pretty on top even though it's only on goal difference at the moment.

This situation nothing new and has surprisingly  been the norm at the Emirates Stadium for some time with Ospina and Leno, Fabianski and Szczęsny being a couple of goalkeeping pairs pitted against each other in a similar fashion and this strategy has borne mixed results over the years. Only time will tell if it works out well but one thing is for sure that this can't be a long term fix to the goalkeeping conundrum and a resolution would be on the Horizon sooner rather than later.

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