Revenge Esports dominates OPPO PUBG MOBILE India Tour 2019 Grand Finals.

Esports in India is still at its nascent stages. More than money, players need recognition, which is required to driver them to dominate future global events.  


The OPPO PUBG MOBILE India Tour 2019, sponsored by OPPO is the biggest Esports event in the country. For the very first time, the Esports community in Kolkata was allowed to show their volume and passion, and they did not disappoint. The event was also held at such scale and stature that it wowed fans all over the country.

The two day Grand Finals of the OPPO PUBG MOBILE India Tour (PMIT) 2019 was held at the Biswa Bangla Convention Centre and Revenge Esports took away the trophy along with 50,00,000 prize money.



There were plenty of chicken dinners at stake as the top 20 squads from all over India battled it out to the death for two days. The Grand Final was a very closely fought competition which saw a huge response.

Revenge Esports won the title of ‘The Exterminators’ having the most number of squad kills. They also won the coveted ‘Grenadiers’ for achieving the most number of squad grenade kills. 

Team 8BitRampage won a special people’s choice award as the fan favorite team based on voting in the PUBG MOBILE game.

This is the biggest Esports event in the country with Revenge Esports being the maiden champions. Team Orange Rock came second winning Rs. 20,00,000 and Team INS came third, winning Rs 10,00,00

The OPPO PMIT 2019 saw the participation of over 400,000 players in four groups from all parts of the country. It was a combination of both online events and regional finals in four parts of India.

It is the country’s first multi-tiered tournament and over a million games were played.

PUBG MOBILE has taken great initiatives to cultivate an Esports platform and ecosystem for gaming enthusiasts in India. The first few events that took place are

  • PUBG MOBILE India Series (Finals at Hyderabad),
  • PUBG MOBILE Campus Championship (Finals in Bengaluru) and
  • PUBG Mobile Club Open (Regional Finals at Delhi)


 Featured Image credits: afkgaming

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