Salah, De Bruyne & current Premier League players who will be heading to the Hall of Fame

Shearer, Henry, Drogba and now Ashley Cole has become the 20th player to enter into the Premier League hall of fame. Now, it is important to remember that a player has to retire in the first place in order to even be eligible. But a little hypothesizing has never hurt anybody and the current crop of stars look a lot promising if anybody has to make a prediction on who the next entrant after Ashley Cole would be. Some might be closer to the that coveted list than others but one thing is for sure, whoever is on this list is for sure in good company.

Séamus Coleman

Séamus Coleman - current Premier League players who will be heading to the Hall of Fame
Séamus Coleman (Credit - BBC)

The Republic of Ireland and Everton stalwart has been ever present in the premier league since 2009. He has been going strong for the Merseyside club for about 15 years and has already made comebacks from 2 serious injury setbacks along with the fact he was one of the main components in that Everton team under David Moyes which took us all by surprise when they ended up in Europe. Coleman has proved that he was not just a flash in the pan and has continued to set the standard for full backs even though the atmosphere around him had been chaotic to say the least, he could have an outside shot at it. 

James Milner

James Milner - Current Premier League players who will be heading to the Hall of Fame
James Milner (Credit - Liverpool FC)

Someone who is bound to be in that club sooner or later, provided he does in fact retire because every time you think he is going to hang up his boots, this legend who has been going strong in the Premier League since 2002 when he was just 16 is the ultimate definition of a model professional. Having featured for the likes of Liverpool, Manchester City, Newcastle United, Aston Villa, Leeds United all in the premier league, almost 900 appearances and counting. 

It would have been one thing if he was a goalkeeper, but all these years he was a multiple title winning midfield workhorse who had been thrown into the pressure cooker and had been almost giving solid 7/10s performances while magically remaining injury free throughout the course of his career till now. And he would hope that the inevitability of him joining that prestigious club of greats could be delayed tad bit longer.

Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling - current Premier League players who will be heading to the Hall of Fame
Raheem Sterling (Credit -

Still not even 30, Raheem Sterling has been balling for Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea for 13 consecutive years and has 100+ goals that too being an out winger. He has been making defenders knees week across since he just turned 17. His time at Stanford Bridge may have been somewhat a case of flattering to deceive but his time before that especially with Liverpool has turned him into a cult icon and was pretty effective and had won bucket loads of accolades. 

Sterling still has the star quality to get the crowd pounding in excitement and the Todd Bohley project could potentially could be the phase where Sterling at his peak at 29 could enjoy the best of the years and stake a claim for himself. 

James Ward Prowse

James Ward-Prowse - current Premier League players who will be heading to the Hall of Fame
James Ward Prowse (Credit - Transfermarkt)

The modern day Matt Le Tessier except for the fact that he now plays for West Ham. But for the longest of times, he was arguably the best midfielder outside the traditional top 6 and racked up about 400 matches which included countless demonstrations of dead ball magic tricks. Featured in countless highlight reels over the years despite playing for a team that had to constantly ship out its best players just to stay afloat in the Premier League for as long as they did. James would hope that his decision to jump ship from the St. Mary to the Hammers could potentially help him hammer down his spot among those greats of the past.

Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland - current Premier League players who will be heading to the Hall of Fame
Erling Haaland (Credit - BBC)

His goal scoring records speaks for himself and the only thing that could potentially stop him from becoming an all time legend is if he ends up changing the league he plays in soon which could be a possibility considering Mbappe who could potentially be rocking up the Whites at Madrid come the next season. Erling Haaland was almost disqualified from the list because for a second it was proving difficult to establish that he was indeed a human and not a half human half cyborg as his demolition of PL backlines suggests. 

Kobbie Mainoo

Kobbie Mainoo - current Premier League players who will be heading to the Hall of Fame
Kobbie Mainoo (Credit -

The youngest entrant in this list, his rise has been meteoric and his presence has been a testament to the fact that Kobbie is balling more like that Bryant guy does with Handball under considerably harsher conditions having only broken into regular first team action not too long ago. He may have a long career to go and things can change for the worse pretty quickly but if things pan out the way they have up until now, then he has reserved his spot on the list, RSVPing his spot almost 20 years in advance.

Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah - current Premier League players who will be heading to the Hall of Fame
Mohamed Salah (Credit - Eurosport)

The Egyptian King, first brought to the Premier League by Chelsea as a diamond in the rough, polished by Klopp and Co. at Anfield. Salah has lit up the Premier League for years with his goal scoring, clutch performances and his time at Liverpool has been an absolute joy to witness with the Premier League and Champions League Triumphs. Along with the impact he has had with over 200 goals for Liverpool  in about 300+ matches in such a relatively short span of time would definitely not hurt his chances once he does eventually decides to bid farewell to the beautiful game. 

Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne - current Premier League players who will be heading to the Hall of Fame
Kevin De Bruyne (Credit - Eurosport)

Topping it off with another rough diamond let go by Chelsea who ended up finding his home away from home. His place in the Premier League with the Cityzens has certainly made the Premier League his own for the past decade. His stats might not be Messi-esque but whenever he stepped onto the pitch and still does to this day. Bruyne manages to orchestrate a masterpiece and makes our jaws drop with his other worldly vision and passes which have become a staple part of Pep ball. And the vision that many of us could see for him is Kevin not being home alone but in that Hall of Fame list.  

Cover Credits - Eurosport

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