Sergio Aguero feels majority players are afraid to get back to action

Manchester City star Sergio Aguero believes most players are “scared” to return to action in the Premier League amid the coronavirus pandemic. As per reports, England’s top-flight may resume as early as in June after being suspended in March, with a meeting to be held very soon.

However, Aguero feels the players will not be that comfortable to step on the pitch as the virus as already killed more than 233,000 people worldwide from among those to test positive for the virus.

Sergio Aguero
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“The majority of players are scared because they have family, they have children, they have babies. When we go back, I imagine that we will be very tensed, we will be very careful and the moment someone feels ill, you will think, ‘what’s gone on there?’ It does scare me,” he told El Chiringuito TV.

The United Kingdom has been one of the most damaged places when it comes to being hit by the virus, with a death toll exceeding 26,000. The Argentine said the fact some people could still be asymptomatic is worrying. Aguero is currently living with his girlfriend and claims that he will not be coming in contact with anyone else and the fact that he could only infect his girlfriend, being the worst case possible.

Aguero was very careful and aware of the fact that the virus could spread in a lot of ways and there could be many people infected but still not showing any signs. According to him, the best thing that can be done now is to stay at home and avoid any contact with strangers and anyone could barely debate on that.

When we talk about the Premier League, the Citizens were 25 points behind the league leaders, Liverpool, when the Premier League was suspended, while they were still competing for the FA Cup and the Champions League.

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