NBA Legends: Stephen Curry vs Magic Johnson Stats | Playing Style | Achievements

In this article, we compare the playing style, all-time stats and achievements of the two of the greatest names in the NBA, Stephen Curry and Magic Johnson.

Stephen Curry has completely changed the game of basketball, especially in the NBA. Because of him, every single player must now possess the ability to shoot the jumper. 

On the other hand, Magic Johnson is known as the greatest point guard to ever play the game. Curry himself has been included in the discussion for the past few years and no doubt that he does make a case. 

Both of the players have had their own style of play, completely different from each other so we cannot give an absolute answer for who’s the better point guard but we can surely look at the numbers and see what all has been achieved by the two stars. 

Keeping in mind Magic Johnson’s career was cut short due to illness and Steph Curry’s career is far from being over as he’s still in his prime. 

Player Profile Stephen Curry Magic Johnson
TeamsGolden State Warriors Los Angeles Lakers 
Height 188cm 206cm
Style of Play ShooterPlaymaker 

Stephen Curry vs Magic Johnson: Playing Style

Both the players are completely different but both are just as complete in their own rights. For Stephen Curry, he is known as the greatest shooter of all time and there is no one close to him. 

His perimeter shooting is something we have never seen, he regularly banks shots other players won’t even think of trying. Curry’s ball handling is also one of the finest in the history of the game, he uses quick movement and agility mixed with high level ball control to get through the opposition’s defense before either playing a pass out to his teammates or laying it in.

Magic Johnson is widely regarded as the greatest playmaker of all time, averaging over 10 assists per game throughout his career. He used the size advantage he had at his position, as Point Guards are rarely 6’9, he used it to make plays over his oppositions. 

Famously referred to as “showtime” offense, Magic Johnson had one of the flashiest game styles. 

He was a complete player, scored good amount of points, made tons of assists and was good in taking boards. Magic Johnson possessed a similar defense style as Stephen Curry, clamping down opponents and poking the ball out of their possession but Johnson was a little better in this than the Gold State Point Guard.

Stephen Curry vs Magic Johnson: Career Stats

Note: Stephen Curry’s number will differ as he is still playing on the highest level. 

NBA StatsStephen CurryMagic Johnson 
Total Points18990 17707
Total Assists 511610141
Career PPG (Points)24.319.5
Career APG (Assists)6.511.2
3PT Made2940325
Triple Doubles 10138
Career SPG (Steals) 1.71.9

We can clearly see how different the two players are. Magic Johnson tops Stephen Curry by a landslide when it comes to making triple-doubles, but the opposite takes place in the amount of 3 pointers made. 

Magic Johnson was a tall point guard so it’s obvious he’ll get to the board easier than Stephen Curry. Regardless, it is impossible to deny that both have been legendary in their own regards.

Stephen Curry vs Magic Johnson: Career Achievements 

Steph Curry:

3X NBA Championships – 2015, 2017, 2018

2X NBA MVP – 2015, 2016

7X All-Star

2X Scoring Titles – 2016, 2021

Magic Johnson:

5X NBA Championships – 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987, 1988

3X NBA MVP – 1987, 1989, 1990

3X Finals MVP – 1980 ,1982, 1987

12X All-Star

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