Top 10 players with most assists in Premier League history

The English top-flight has been a machine which has been blessed to receive creative assistance of these stars for over 3 decades.

They say football is art and the current era has been better than ever in terms of  football with teams being well coached by the likes of Pep down to the more effective. But less aesthetically pleasing approach of  Sean Dyche and current stars like Bruno Fernandes and Foden, Odegaard have thrived. There are some who have cemented their legacy as all time greats and won't look out of place delivering an assist that belongs in an art museum.

Goals win you matches but behind that goal is an assist which is equally important. However they had not been as well recognized as it's more glamorous cousin up until recently due to the advent of Fantasy sports as well as increased exposure to information on the internet.

Let's take a look at the top 10 players with the most assists in the history of the Premier League.

10. David Beckham – 80

David Beckham for so long has been synonymous with iconic free kicks and his off the field activities. But for all that glitz and glamour, he has consistently backed it up on the pitch and is a much more accomplished player than just being a dead ball specialist who ends up featuring in a compilation video every now and then. David Beckham is truly capable of bending the ball fand delivering it to his mates  to score and the stats do back his case.

9. James Milner – 87

For someone who has been playing week in week out exclusively in the premier league as a first team regular from age 16 in multiple positions mostly as a midfielder or as a attacker during his early years. In his case thrive for more than 2 decades by just being run of the mill. For all his defensive work, tireless running and leadership qualities, his ability to set up goals on a platter often goes under the radar by the general public at large but those who have played with him know his worth.

8. Steven Gerrard – 92

Steven Gerrard often addressed as Stevie G was a Top G for both Liverpool as well as the England national team. His ability to carry the ball through the middle and either set up his other mates in red with a pass no one else could have even spotted. His knack of delivering long range goals so consistently you would think he was playing video games IRL have landed him in good company. Though the latter half of his career has been immortalized by that slip, for the most part he made his opposite number slip. 

7. David Silva – 93

David Silva walked so Kevin De Bruyne could run. He was the one who pulled all the strings for the blue side of Manchester as well as the Red of Spain. While giving many sleepless nights to the Red side of Manchester as well as many other who have faced against him, at times even they could not help but appreciate this man's genius on the pitch. 

A player who oozes that typical Spanish flair and class and has all the traits of a classic 10 and more, David Silva sits comfortably in the sixth position with 93 assists.

6. Dennis Bergkamp – 94

The flying Dutchman might have been scared of planes, but he definitely was and still is not scared of delivering a goal and assist and could send the ball flying either into the back of the net or into the feet of his fellow attackers in a blink of an eye. He might be remembered for his Cryuff-esque goal but in truth his legacy as a gunner was much more than that. He was one of the finest pure technicians to grace the premier league.

5. Frank Lampard – 102

Along with Gerrard considered one of the most complete box to box or attacking midfielders in the premier league, Frank Lampard was a complete package. At one point had the most goals from midfield which was almost unheard of considering how deep he played at times. Not bad for someone who early on during his time at West Ham was mockingly known as Fat Frank who was not considered good enough for the premier league.

4. Wayne Rooney – 103

Although more of a forward by trade, the white Pele was so complete as a player that he has ended up as high as third on the list. This all round skill set helped him drop down to attacking midfield and even center midfield further down the lane. The Goodison Gazza never failed to put up a show and was a delight to watch in his prime. 

3. Cesc Fabregas – 111

Cesc Fabregas is one of greatest Spaniards ever to have played in the Premier League. He had been an instrumental figure for both Chelsea and Arsenal. The Spanish midfield sensation has had a phenomenal 2014/15 season when Chelsea won the title. Fabregas ended up with 19 assists to his name that season.

Fabregas  could have been at the top of the pile if he had not cut short his spell with the London based club. However his ability to pick apart defenses with his visionary passing and ability to spot a player at will and even more importantly successfully managing to execute that vision into assists is something that the premier league will cherish for a long time.

2. Kevin De Bruyne – 112

Multiple PFA,  most assists in Premier League multiple times, mainstay in Belgium squad all that is cool and dandy. The ultimate praise for his silky skills and passing comes from none other than his current sky blues boss. Despite being known to micromanage and control every tactical aspect of his game and treating players like a chess piece on the pitch, Kevin is one of the few rare exceptions. He has been given the freedom to roam around and weave his magic without any restrictions or instructions whatsoever.  

1. Ryan Giggs (Manchester United) – 162

The player with the most assists in Premier League history, Giggs is one of the longest-serving footballers in the English top-flight. He holds the record for the second-most appearances (632) in the Premier League in a career that has spanned over 20 years while being a one club player at the same time. The Welsh wing wizard is still 51 assists clear of the second best player in the most assists in the Premier League chart.

Giggs has a phenomenal 13 Premier League titles to his name and was also the first player to win consecutive Young Player of the Year awards. Ryan Giggs is well and truly a Man United legend on the pitch and a Premier League Icon in a playing capacity.

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