Top four players with longest unbeaten runs in Premier League history

These stars have set a tough act for future stars to follow with their remarkable unbeaten records in the English top flight.

There  are teams that will win and thus there would be teams that would lose, sometimes even draw. But not all wins, draws and losses are created equal. Some might have developed a habit of winning and the unfortunate ones, the habit of losing. However, these players take the term 'Red Hot Form" to a whole new level and would even make the orchestrators of unbeatable runs like Pep at Barca and Xabi Alonso at Bayer blush with envy.

But going on winning is something that is almost unfathomable to most of us but they have indeed shown us that reality can often be stranger than fiction. 

Top four players with longest unbeaten runs in Premier League history
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Here are the top four players with the longest unbeaten runs in the history of the Premier League:

4. Rodri (48 games)

The only player who is still currently an active player at a professional level in the top 4. Manchester City just don’t have the ability to lose in their DNA when Rodri is bossing at the center of the park or at rarer occasions at the heart of their defence. The Spanish midfield maestro 48-game unbeaten record is still going strong, with his last defeat being a 1-0 loss to Tottenham away in February 2023 up until his loss to Manchester United in the FA Cup Final of 2024. 

While City have certainly been on the receiving end during Premier League games this season, those have all been inflicted upon Manchester City in Rodri’s absence. The midfielder’s ability to create overloads with his passing range, control of the game’s tempo and beat the opposition's press along with his defensive ability to screen out his ball playing center-backs have made the Cityzens an unstoppable force when he is around. While the record in the Premier League stands at 48 games, it has been 71 games in all competitions where Rodri hasn’t tasted defeat for City.

3. Kolo Toure (48 games)

Despite the record being almost more than two decades old, it has still stood the test of time and Arsenal have long been the only team to go through an invincible season in 2003-04, which has been matched by Bayer Leverkusen this season. Kolo Toure missed only 1 league game in that campaign, with 25 wins and 12 draws to his name that season.

The hardened and passionate Ivorian center-half  was an integral part of that squad alongside Sol Campbell, Jens Lehmann and Ashley Cole in their back line. His unbeaten streak was finally broken by a 2-0 loss to Manchester United in the opening game of the next season.

2. Thierry Henry (48 games)

Just like Kolo Toure, Thierry Henry also was also his partner in crime doing the flash goal scoring stuff upfront for the iconic invincible Gunners campaign in 2003-04. He had missed just a solitary game of their 49-match unbeaten streak. The Frenchman frontman was arguably the most important player for the Gunners during that run firing home 30 goals and chipping in with 6 assists in the Premier League that season to win the golden boot.

The run started in the 2002-03 season, after a loss against Leeds United, and was ended by Manchester United in the 2004-05 season.

1. Sol Campbell (56 games)

While most of the players of the Arsenal invincible squad who had a significant part to play in their incredible title charge that year have an unbeaten run in the 40s. Sol Campbell was a lot more luckier and lady luck was smiling upon him to get his unbeaten streak to 56 in the league. While he was there for the 49 games that Arsenal went unbeaten for, Campbell had also fortunately or unfortunately missed the defeat to Leeds United in the 2002-03 season with a suspension. He also missed the previous defeats to Blackburn Rovers and Manchester United due to an Achilles injury which was a blessing in disguise as far as him holding this record is concerned.

This gave him a big head start as compared to his teammates, which allowed him to extend his unbeaten record to 56 games. His record too along with that of his team mates the season before was ended with a defeat to Manchester United in the following season.

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