Top 10 players with most goals against Premier League 'Big six'

The Big Six have been constant dominant force in the English top flight over the years.

Premier League football attracts the biggest of the stars from around the world and is arguably the most recognized league around the world globally. Thanks to the star quality it brings to the table and especially the traditional Big 6  that is Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspurs and the new entrants City. The premier league is filled with a lot of good talent and at times it is hard to separate the best from the rest as the gulf in class is very small and any team can upset the other on their day. But scoring regularly against the best on a regular basis week in week out season after season is a sure shot shine to make a conclusion that the said players in question are a cut above the rest. 

Let us discover how many over the years managed to ace the test.

10. Robbie Fowler – 33

Robbie Fowler
Robbie Fowler (Credit - Sky Sports)

Former Manchester City player Robbie Fowler is definitely a Liverpool legend. The English striker has an impressive haul of  33 goals against the ‘Big six’ in the Premier League.

Some of his top goals against these clubs came in the 94-95 season. Fowler and Liverpool faced the Red Devils in what is always a very tense fixture due to the rivalry between the two factions. Nonetheless, Liverpool took care of Manchester United as Fowler tore apart their defence scoring two sublime goals.

Robbie scored a chip after bodying Gary Neville and chipped it over the keeper with his weaker foot. Robbie also got 4 goals against Arsenal in the same season which included a hat-trick as well. Many consider this season as his best season as he amassed 25 goals and 8 assists in 38 Premier League appearances.

Overall, Robbie Fowler had 10 goals against Arsenal and 8 goals against Manchester United out of all the big 6 clubs.

9. Dion Dublin – 34

Dion Dublin
Dion Dublin (Credit - Eurosport)

Aston Villa legend Dion Dublin has turned up for various Premier League outfits over the years. Dion has played at the likes of Aston Villa, Coventry, Norwich, Leicester City, Manchester United and a few other PL clubs .Dublin has  312 Premier League appearances sand has put the ball 110 in the opposite net.

Majority of Dion Dublin’s goals have come against Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City. His highest comes against Manchester City where he has scored six goals in eight appearances.

8. Thierry Henry – 34

Thierry Henry
Thierry Henry (Credit - Transfermarkt)

Arguably the best naturally talented foreign striker ever in the Premier League, the Frenchman is definitely a Premier League legend.

During his heydays, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool were a force to reckon with. But every big team had their off day and Thierry Henry has caused many miserable nights for those who did not support Arsenal especially for Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea. Out of 34 goals scored against the ‘Big Six’, Henry has scored 27 against Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea. Thierry Henry scored 10 goals against Chelsea which includes a superb solo goal in the FA Cup.

7. Harry Kane – 39

Harry Kane
Harry Kane (Credit - Eurosport)

 A player who has had many good seasons up front in the English Leagues, Harry Kane was a Tottenham Hotspurs played since his childhood career days. Harry Kane is the second all-time Premier League top scorer with 213 goals in 320 appearances.

Harry Kane has scored 39 goals against big teams but has produced his best against bitter rivals Arsenal. Harry Kane has scored 12 goals against Arsenal in the famous North London Derby which also makes him the all-time top scorer in the North London Derby. Followed by Arsenal, Harry Kane has scored 9 goals against Liverpool in 15 Premier League appearances which is also a commendable statistic.

6. Mohamed Salah – 40

Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah (Credit -

The now Egyptian footballing icon was deemed a cast off because his stint at Chelsea. Despite performing really well in his first season at Liverpool, he was still labelled as a one season wonder. It has been six years since Salah joined Liverpool and he is now Liverpool’s all-time top scorer. It is quite obvious that a  6 season wonder like him would make it to this list.

Salah has scored 40 goals against the Big teams in the Premier League. He has mainly been a problem for Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspurs. Salah has scored the most goals (13) against Manchester United in 14 appearances. Mohamed has also scored 11 goals against Manchester City which includes a wonderful solo goal as well. Last but not the least, Salah has been a nightmare for Tottenham Hotspurs as well scoring 12 goals in 18 appearances.

5. Jimmy Hasselbaink – 41

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink
Jimmy Hasselbaink (Credit - Transfermarkt)

The Dutch international is definitely a player who was supremely talented but went under the radar back in the day. Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink’s prime was at Chelsea where he was the club’s top scorer for three seasons. Jimmy started his Premier League career at Leeds and scored on his debut against Arsenal.

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink is a legend at Stamford Bridge and always shone against rivals Tottenham Hotspurs. Out of all the big 6 clubs, Jimmy played exceptionally well against Tottenham Hotspurs. The Dutch striker is in the top 5 players with most goals against Tottenham Hotspurs. This is due to his 14 goal tally against Tottenham Hotspurs in 20 appearances. Jimmy also scored a perfect hat-trick against Tottenham in the 2001-2002 season.

4. Jamie Vardy – 43

Jamie Vardy
Jamie Vardy (Credit - Sky Sports)

Vardy is one of two players on this list to have not played for a big six Premier League club. Matter of fact, Jamie Vardy played a crucial role in the 2015-2016 season when Leicester City won  the Premier League and pulled of the impossible against all odds. Jamie Vardy is arguably one of the best big game players in this list.

Vardy’s bogey team out of the big six has been Arsenal against which he has scored 11 goals in 13 appearances. Next comes Manchester City against which Jamie Vardy has scored 9 goals which includes a stunning hat-trick as well. Overall the Leicester City striker is definitely one of the best strikers as well as the best late bloomer the league has seen.

3. Sergio Kun Aguero – 44

Sergio Agüero
Sergio Kun Aguero (Credit - Transfermarkt)

Injuries have hampered much of Aguero’s career but nonetheless, the Argentine striker is one of the best strikers of our generation, Balotelli Aguero is a timeless classic. Sergio Aguero is also in the top 10 Premier League goal scorers of all-time and is Manchester City’s all-time top scorer as well. Sergio Aguero was their main goal scorer for almost the entierity of his stay and was the best striker in the league on his day.

Sergio Aguero joined Manchester City in the 2011-2012 season and has been the top scorer against big clubs from that period. Aguero always showed up against Tottenham Hotspurs scoring 10 goals against them followed by 9 goals against Chelsea. Kun Aguero has scored an iconic hat-trick against Chelsea as well.

2. Wayne Rooney – 45

Wayne Rooney
Wayne Rooney (Credit - Sky Sports)

Often over shadowed by Cristiano Ronaldo and many big players people forget the importance of Wazza. A Manchester United and Premier League legend and a terror for big teams.

The White Pele has numerous memorable moments in the Premier League especially out of his 45 goals against the Big six. The majority of Rooney’s goals against the Big six have been against Tottenham Hotspurs, Manchester City and Arsenal. Rooney has scored 10 goals against Tottenham Hotspurs from which his famous ” boxing celebration” came to fruition.

Next up is Manchester City against which Rooney has scored 11 goals and arguably the best goals of his career which was a bicycle kick in a 6-1 win. Wayne Rooney has also been the one on top, top scoring in Manchester derbies.

1. Alan Shearer – 56

Alan Shearer
Alan Shearer (Credit -

Still the record goal scorer in the Premier League and someone who would have that accolade for a long time to come, Alan Shearer is a Premier League legend and is still Premier League’s all-time top scorer with an astounding 260 goals. Out of 260 goals, Alan Shearer has scored 56 goals against the Big six PL clubs.

Alan has scored the highest (14) against Tottenham Hotspurs, followed by 11 against Manchester City and 8 against Chelsea. Alan’s record of 56 goals against the Big six is unbeaten till date and no player has come close to breaking it.

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