Top Five Women's Singles Players With Most Titles Won at WTA Madrid Open

Established in 2002, the Madrid Open has appeared as a pivotal event in the world of tennis, gracing both the ATP and WTA Tours. Held once a year on the clay courts of La Caja Mágica in Madrid, Spain, this esteemed tournament has observed the emergence of various tennis icons. While initially featuring only men's categories, the introduction of women's events in 2009 marked a significant milestone. Over the years, notable athletes have left an unforgettable mark on the Madrid Open, representing their skill, determination, and unmatchable resilience as well as grit.

Women's Tennis Greats: Top Five Champions of the WTA Madrid Open

5. Dinara Safina: A Trailblazer's Triumph (1 Title)

Dinara Safina: 1 WTA Madrid Open Title
Dinara Safina (Credit - Sky Sports)

In 2009, Dinara Safina carved her name in history as the inaugural women's singles champion of the Madrid Open. Showcasing sublime form, she overpowered Caroline Wozniacki in a riveting final, claiming victory in straight sets. Regardless of facing stiff competition in subsequent editions, Safina's groundbreaking feat remains unmatched. Alongside her, various powerful contenders, including Iga Swiatek and Maria Sharapova, have savoured glory at the Madrid Open, each securing the title once in their distinguished careers.

4. Aryna Sabalenka: A Double Delight (2 Titles)

 Aryna Sabalenka 2 WTA Madrid Open Titles
Aryna Sabalenka (Credit -

Aryna Sabalenka's dominance to the peak of tennis saw her clinch two desired titles at the Madrid Open. In 2021, she announced her arrival with a sparkling victory over Ashleigh Barty, representing her prowess on the clay courts. Two years later, Sabalenka reaffirmed her ascendancy  by outlasting Iga Świątek in a thrilling encounter, securing her second championship. Inspite of initial setbacks, Sabalenka's determination and relentless pursuit of excellence launched her to glory on two separate occasions.

3. Simona Halep: The Reigning Champion (2 Titles)

Simona Halep - 2 WTA Madrid Open Titles
Simona Halep (Credit - Eurosport)

Simona Halep's unyielding spirit and unwavering resolve impelled her to back-to-back triumphs at the Madrid Open in 2016 and 2017. With flawless skill and strategic acumen, she thwarted intimidating opponents, including Kristina Mladenovic and Dominika Cibulková, to claim the desired title. Halep's notable consistency, coupled with her tenacity, has solidified her legacy as one of the tournament's most decorated champions, with two titles and multiple striking finishes to her credit.

2. Serena Williams: The Iconic Trailblazer (2 Titles)

Serena Williams - 2 WTA Madrid Open Titles
Serena Williams (Credit - CNN)

Serena Williams, synonymous with excellence and dominance, left an unforgettable mark on the Madrid Open with her exceptional performances. Securing triumphs in 2012 and 2013, Williams showcased her unmatched skill and unparalleled resilience on the clay courts. Her thunderous triumphs over daunting rivals such as Victoria Azarenka and Maria Sharapova underscored her status as a tennis icon. With two titles and remarkable finishes, Williams continues to inspire generations of aspiring athletes worldwide.

1. Petra Kvitova: A Triple Triumph (3 Titles)

Petra Kvitova - 3 WTA Madrid Open Titles
Petra Kvitova (Credit - Sky Sports)

Petra Kvitova's exceptional success at the Madrid Open solidifies her status as a true legend of the sport. Making history with three notable victories in 2011, 2015, and 2018, Kvitova's ascendancy on the clay courts remains incomparable. Her ability to overcome formidable opponents, including Victoria Azarenka and Svetlana Kuznetsova, underscores her exceptional talent and unwavering determination. With a stellar record of three titles and consistent performances, Kvitova's legacy at the Madrid Open is carved in tennis folklore.

The WTA Madrid Open stands as an evidence to the persistent spirit, exceptional talent, and relentless pursuit of excellence incorporated by its champions. From trailblazers like Dinara Safina to legends like Serena Williams, each champion has left an unforgettable mark on the tournament's rich tapestry. As we celebrate their victories and remarkable achievements, we are reminded of the enduring legacy of these extraordinary athletes, who continue to inspire generations of tennis enthusiasts all around the globe.

Cover Credits - Sky Sports

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