US Open 2022: Semi-finals: Picks & prediction

A first-time Grand Slam winner at US Open

The electrifying quarter-finals of the US Open will be remembered. Nick Kyrgios suffered an injury but continued to play and what an intriguing five-setter it was. Khachanov a six-foot giant, Olympic silver medalist was consistent beyond comparison. 

Nick Kyrgios knew he has blown his chance and he cursed his luck by smashing racquets in his inimical style. Rublev was beaten in his own game by Tiafoe. The wrist play of Tiafoe was exemplary and he found angles on short balls to become the first American in 2006 to reach the Semifinals.

Ruud was as consistent as shrugging off Berrettini in straight sets. Yes, Berrettini was coming out of injury but Ruud played an exceptional game to assert that his French Open final was not a fluke.

The icing on the cake was the match between Alcaraz and Sinner. The future Grand Slam champions regaled the crowd with their power-hitting. The match lasted 5 hours and 15 minutes.

Sinner twice served to win the match but fearless strokes of Alcaraz did the impossible.

Now the Semifinals await us and we hope that they are as the exciting as quarter-finals.

1st Semi-Final

C Ruud (5th seed) vs Khachanov (27th seed)

Khachanov has good serves, good backhand, and great court coverage but he lacks whistling winners. Casper Ruud on the other hand has decent serve, powerful forehand, and vastly improved backhand.

As Ruud can hit more winners, I feel that Ruud is going to reach the finals for the first time in his career.


Casper Ruud to win in 5 sets

2nd Semifinal

Carlos Alcaraz (3rd seed) vs Tiafoe (22nd seed)

Tiafoe has hit a purple patch and he has lost only one set which was against Nadal. However, Alcaraz will make him dance to all corners of the court and his spin will induce errors. The retrieval capacity of Alcaraz will frustrate Tiafoe to commit errors. Alcaraz needs a slight improvement in his service and he will rule the next decade as he is only 19.


Carlos Alcaraz to win in 4 sets


Casper Ruud vs Carlos Alcaraz

This battle will be like Sinner vs Alcaraz and Ruud vs.T Paul. They will exchange blows from baseline and the match will be around 4 hours. Alcaraz will reach for more balls and Ruud will try to hit winners and lose crucial points to lose the match. The situation may change if fatigue plagues Alcaraz and he gives loose balls.


Alcaraz to win and become the youngest Gram slam champion after Hewitt in 2001.

We must create time slots to watch this final as it is going to embark on a new era after a trio of Federer, Djokovic, and Nadal.

Happy viewing

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