Virtus Pro drub 2-time TI winners OG to become winners of Epic League Division 1

After a nerve wracking Bo5 grand finals between OG and Virtus Pro, Virtus pro finally secured their first major championship. The final series ended 3-2, but there was very little to separate the teams at the end

Virtus Pro, having formed a new squad only a month before the tournament will be overjoyed with their victory. They will be taking home the winners cash prize of $200,000, and this will be a sweet triumph the roster will cherish as a fond memory. The runners-up OG will be getting $100,000. 

This victory did not come by any easy means to Virtus Pro, which is all the more reason they will never forget it. The Bo5 went down to the wire and even in the final game of the series, it looked extremely close. There were surely moments when fans thought the final game could extend to 50-60 minutes. 

In Game 1, Virtus Pro wreaked havoc on OG. They accumulated 47 kills in 42 minutes, and OG managed to get only 10. However, the experience OG have helped them overturn their odds in Game 2 and they managed to level the series. OG managed to take Game 3 again, pushing Virtus Pro to the brink of losing the Grand Finals. 

However, VP showed amazing determination and intelligence, by banning out two of the most effective heroes for OG. After winning Game 4, it seemed like Virtus Pro craved and wanted this win just a little more than OG did. 

In the end, VP ended up getting exactly that as they raided OG's base within 40 minutes in Game 5, seizing the spot as champions of Epic League.

Given the fact that Virtus Pro finalized this roster very recently, and that they even went on to win Epic League is probably a sign that the EU/CIS circuit is looking at some heavy competition. 

Virtus Pro have had very clean games in Epic League and they are well on their way to becoming a Tier 1 Dota 2 team. The Epic League itself saw the involvement of almost all the top Dota 2 teams across the region. 

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