Call of Duty: Warzone secret cut-scene teases the return of Soap MacTavish

Soap MacTavish, who was introduced in CoD 4: Modern Warfare is finally making a return to the franchise 

Gamers have discovered a secret cutscene at the end of Warzone's latest intel mission, which wraps up the Modern Warfare Storyline. 

The rumors are true, and it has been confirmed that Soap MacTavish will be making a return to Call of Duty Modern Warfare. He was initially a playable character, and part of the 22nd Special Air Service regiment. Soap MacTavish is an experienced sniper & a demolitions expert. 

This secret cutscene which involves MacTavish was brought to the attention of the gaming community by Youtuber Geeky Pastimes. He posted a video which shows the ending of Warzone's most recent intel mission. Once you finish this, you will be able to find the secret cutscene which reveals details about Soap MacTavish.

You can watch the cutscene by going to missions which is in the Challenge menu. At the end of one of the cutscenes, Captain Price will kill Victor Zakahev for good. After this, all the characters assemble, and they phone Soap MacTavish, informing him that they are on their way to him.

The presence of this cutscene came to light soon after reputed a Call of Duty leaker, ModernWarzone, announced that Soap MacTavish will be added to Modern Warfare as an operator soon. Despite other map leaks, news of Soap MacTavish's return has made fans jubilant. 

There has been no confirmation from official sources as to when Soap MacTavish will make his official return to Modern Warfare. Soap MacTavish's return could be the ideal factor which will drive more players to start playing.

Call of Duty: Warzone was recently integrated with Black Ops Cold War. Initially, Warzone was integrated with Modern Warfare. But the latest integration of Black Ops Cold War & Warzone has disappointed fans as Cold War weapons aren't as effective as the ones in Warzone. 

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