Wimbledon 2021 Quarter-Final Predictions: Last 8 Men locked in to battle it out!

In 2020 Wimbledon took refuge due to the pandemic, however, it's back to pave the way for tennis players to showcase their talent in 2021. Little did they know that this year Wimbledon will be totally Bizarre.

At the outset of the Wimbledon 2021, Nadal and Thiem withdrew. Tsitsipas, the hero of 2021 French open bowed in the first round. It appeared God is creating a showdown between Djokovic and Federer to repeat 2019 magic.

It is an utter shock that 2nd seed Medvedev and 5th seed Zverev both lost to unfancied opponents in pre-quarters.
Now in the quarterfinals, Djokovic at no 1 is the highest seed and Roger Federer at no 6 is the 2nd highest seed left standing.

It is a proud moment for Canadian tennis as it features Shapovalov and Aliassime. A befitting match play by Fucsovics, who has ousted Sinner, 19th seed in ist round, Schwartzman in 3rd round and Rublev in pre-quarter to be rightly crowned as the giant killer.

So matches will be of even contest and surprise element will add entertainment from quarter-final stage and one must create time to witness the same.

Quarterfinal 1: Djokovic (1st) vs Fucscovics

Head to Head: Djokovic leads 2-0 against Fucsovics.

Djokovic is on the verge of winning his 20th grand slam and on course to complete calendar grand slam after Laver in 1969. 

This feat will put him above Federer and Nadal and crown him GOAT. He has been playing decent tennis of late, nothing spectacular but he can upscale his game as he did in the French Open.

Fucsovics can hit big serves and winners from both flanks but not against Djokovic. 

Wimbledon Quarter-Final Predictions: I expect Djokovic to win in straight sets.

Quarterfinal 2: Khachanov (25th) vs Shapovalov (10th)

Khachanov has been lucky as he did not even face any seeded player and he scraped in 5 sets against Korda. He has good serve and groundstrokes but his movements on the court are sluggish. 

On the other hand, Shapovalov is playing brilliant tennis and the way he crushed Andy Murray and then Batista Agut. It appears that he is coming of age.

Wimbledon Quarter-Final 2 Predictions: I expect the groundstrokes of Shapovalov, especially his backhand to be the decisive factor in 4 set victory. Shapovalov will really challenge Djokovic in Semifinal and that match will be a treat. Shapovalov prevailed over Khachanov in their only encounter.

Quarterfinal 3: Berrettini (7th) vs Aliassime (16th)

M Berrettini poses a real threat at this Wimbledon. He has lost only one set and his big serve and lethal forehand are working. His weakness is backhand where he slices but at grass it is not big a weakness. 

Aliassime is the sweetest player on the circuit, he has all the shots, good service but he lacks the xing factor. He may crumble under the spotlight.

Wimbledon Quarter-Final 3 Predictions: I expect Berrettini to win in 4 sets and prove to be the threat to Federer and Djokovic.

Quarterfinal 4: Federer (6th) vs H.Hurkacz

R Federer has won most matches at Wimbledon, now he has become the oldest player to reach the quarter-final but his journey jas been bumpy. In the 1st round, Mannarino was 2 to 1 set up when he got injured. After that Federer has been displaying solid tennis.

Hurkacz is playing the tennis of his life. He won Miami masters in 2021 He brushed aside Musseti in straight sets and he did the unthinkable by beating Medvedev in 5 sets. He has very strong serve and good groundstrokes. He will prove to be an even match to Federer.

Wimbledon Quarter-Final 4 Predictions: This is the quarter-final which I would like to witness. I am not giving a clear winner as I am not sure of Federer's stamina and if stretched Federer commits mistakes. So odds are 3 to Federer and 2 to Hurkacz.

So enjoy your Wednesday. The semi-finals will be a treat to watch on Friday. I will come up with my analysis on Friday.

Happy viewing.

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