YOUTUBER JiDion Banned: NBA & WNBA Fiasco

Former Twitch star Youtuber Jidon Adams-popularly known as JiDion has been handed a lifetime ban from attending NBA and WNBA games due to his outrageous antics during the matches.

Youtuber JiDion posted a new video on his account in which he attempted to pull off one of his famous pranks of doing unusual activities at a major sporting event.

In a Youtube video uploaded by him on Thursday, the prankster showcased how he attended a game and took a nap while sitting on the courtside.

In a recent WNBA game between the Minnesota Lynx and the Dallas Wings, JiDion was attempting to sleep on courtside seats. Before he could complete the prank he found himself deflecting a ball that went flying towards the crowd.

JiDion then took the ball and attempted a jump shot from the sideline. The ball went nowhere near the basket but the antic left players unhappy.

A staff member from the venue arrived shortly after he started the prank to give him a warning.

JiDion kept going and even managed to lay down completely flat in the chairs before the staff members returned with security reinforcements who ended up escorting him out of the arena.

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