10 most popular sports in the world

Sports contributes a major part of the entertainment industry. Sports in 21st century welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds seeking more than just for the sake of sport. 

Sports have been fulfilling the need of entertainment industry from several decades now. Sponsors are spending like hell to reach more and more audiences through these games. Lets see which are the more popular sports. 

Soccer(Football) tops the list in terms of fans, which is the most popular sport in the world. It holds a record of more than 3.5 billion people watched this year's World Cup in Russia. Soccer now has an estimated 4.0 billion following arround the world.

Across ICC’s (International Cricket Council) digital and social platforms during the group stage, there have also been an unprecedented 2.6 billion video views. 

Cricket numbers at rank 2 with 2.5 Billion fans from all over the world and the list follows by Hockey, Tennis, Volleyball and so on. 

Below is the mentioned rankings of the sports.

Rank Sport Estimated Global Following Popular in region
1 Soccer4.0 BGlobally
2Cricket 2.5 BAsia, Australia, UK.
3Hockey 2.0 BEurope, Africa, Asia, Australia.
4Tennis 1.0 BGlobally
5Volleyball 900 MWestern Europe and North America
6Table Tennis875 MEurope, Africa, Asia, America.
7Basketball 875 MGlobally
8Baseball 500 MUnited States, Caribbean, and Japan
9Rugby 475 MUK and Commonwealth
10Golf 450 MWestern Europe, East Asia, and North America



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