6 reasons Ireland is the best place in the world for sports betting

Ireland is a country with a rich heritage, that has an important role to play on the world stage. But it is also celebrated as a haven for sports lovers and people who have a real passion for the biggest sporting events. Irish people regularly travel around the country to watch games in person, while also hunting down the latest sports news and watching events on TV. It is not surprising that betting on sports is also popular around the country. 

Ireland’s gambling industry is extremely vibrant, and it could be argued that the Emerald Isle is actually the best place in the world to wager on sports. 

Let's look at why this is the case. 

1) Lots of top online sportsbooks to bet at 

Although placing bets at a physical bookmaker’s shop is still something you see globally, these days online betting is the go-to choice for many worldwide. Whether it is the best betting sites for Irish punters who like to follow football, or top sports betting platforms for wagering on other sports, the good news is that Ireland has a huge range of online sportsbooks to choose from. 

This means that it is simple to find one that is easy to use and where you can enjoy spending your time. It is also important to remember that such a great selection of sports betting websites enables people to bet exactly how they like and in a much more convenient way.

2) Sports betting is safe and legal in Ireland 

The best Irish sportsbooks use the latest online security measures to provide a safe space for their users. When you also factor in the outstanding customer support these sites offer and the focus they put on operating in a fair and transparent way, it is no wonder that Ireland is a haven for sports betting on a global scale.

Another reason that Ireland is a real hotspot for sports betting is the legal framework in place in the country. In short, betting on sports is 100% legal for Irish punters, so anyone can get involved with total peace of mind. Although there is talk of revised laws around sports betting coming into effect at some point, the market is currently governed by the 1931 Betting Act. 

The legitimate nature of this market in Ireland has seen it become a popular sector over time, and home to all the best sports betting brands. This is both online as noted above, but Ireland is also home to a large number of physical bookies. The bookmaker Paddy Power is well known around the globe for its online presence, but as the name suggests, it started in Ireland and has over 250 physical stores in that country. 

The regulated nature of the Irish sports betting scene ensures that bookmakers have to operate in an ethical manner. This is key for protecting bettors in Ireland and another reason the country is the best place in the world to bet on sports.

3) Top sports betting bonuses to Grab 

Bonuses are a major part of sports betting in the modern age and this is especially true for online sportsbooks. Ireland is the greatest place to bet because it has lots of betting sites that carry top bonus offers. 

Why is this so awesome? To begin with, it means that people who enjoy practicing matched betting are well-catered for. Many betting sites in the country will also run regular promotions for existing players and this can be good for matched betting as well. 

The amount of amazing bonus deals and ongoing promotions at the best Irish sports betting sites also makes gambling there a lot of fun. Whether it is matched deposit bonuses or cashback awards, betting promos also give Irish players free cash to bet with. This is great for trying out new gambling strategies or placing wagers on sports you normally don't follow. 

4) Mobile betting is big in Ireland 

The size of the global online gambling market is predicted to hit around $114 billion by 2028. This staggering number clearly shows what an impact this way of betting has had around the planet. A major part of this huge market is mobile betting. As with iGaming, it seems clear that the ability to bet on the move via mobile devices has helped the Irish gambling sector to grow over time. 

This is not a surprise when you think of all the advantages that mobile betting brings to punters in Ireland. Rather than having to run out to a physical bookie when you want to make a bet, or having to wait until you get home in order to place a bet via your desktop PC, mobile betting gives you true freedom to wager when you like and wherever you happen to be. 

If you are enjoying a few drinks with friends in a pub for example, and you see a boxing match on TV you want to bet on, no problem. Just open up your favorite betting app on your smartphone and away you go. 

5) Lots of sports and markets to bet on 

The Emerald Isle and sports betting really are a match made in heaven. Many people classify it as THE top place for sports gambling because of the range of sports you can bet on. In simple terms, Irish bookies and online sportsbooks have every sport you can think of to bet on – and then some more! 

You've got your usual sports, like football, horse racing, rugby, boxing, cricket, tennis, and F1, but then you can throw in a few sports that many outside of Ireland might never have even heard of, such as Gaelic football and hurling. So there's even more choice for punters in Ireland, which makes it an exciting, vibrant location to bet from. It also means there is always something to wager on in the country – even if the more "mainstream", global sports don't have much going on. 

It is also worth considering how the number of specific markets to bet on in Ireland helps make it a top place for sports gambling. Whether you like to go with straight ‘Win’ bets or branch out into more exotic ones, you will find that the best Irish bookmakers have lots of markets to mull over. 

6) Ireland’s sports betting culture 

The last major reason Ireland is the top sports betting location worldwide is the betting culture of the country. Although not every Irish person bets regularly, wagering on sports is a major part of Irish culture and something which is generally popular.

The way sports betting is ingrained within Irish culture also means it is an activity that is not frowned upon, which can sometimes be an issue in other places around the world. You certainly don't have to sneak out of the house to go down to the local bookie on a Saturday afternoon or be embarrassed at signing up for another mobile betting app. It's viewed as a normal everyday activity.

Ireland is the top place for sports betting worldwide 

Sports betting is a big part of life for many in Ireland, and it allows passionate Irish sports fans to enhance the excitement around their favorite sporting events. The vibrant sports betting scene around the Emerald Isle is clear to see and is responsible for making it THE top location for sports betting on the planet. 

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