A look at Liverpool's 2018/19 title charge

The second half of the Premier League Season has begun and the domination of Jurgen Klopp's men is already visible to the competition. If they keep up this form, the title is all but theirs.

At the beginning of the season no one could have predicted it. Manchester City were top contenders for the title with many sure that no one could snatch the title from them after a fantastic 2017/2018 season. 

Against all odds, a Liverpool team that failed to contend for the title in the previous season has shown the form and work-rate that mirrors their current position in the league. 

Time plays a major factor in Liverpool's current successes. They might have gotten to the Champions League final last season but it's the Premier League title that they would have wanted most.

Jurgen Klopp has had three years and numerous transfers to build a title contending team and with no silverware to his name in a competitive environment, it is clear that something had to be done if he is to retain his position. 

Let's take a look at the team.


Moving on from the blundering Lorius Karius and disappointing Simon Mignolet periods that played a hand in numerous failures, the €75m (£66.9m) signing of Brazilian keeper Alisson Becker provides certainty in a position that was once Liverpool's downfall, and he continues to assert his position as one of the best in the league.


The signing of centre back Virgil Van Dijk has proved to be one of the best in the Klopp era with the towering Dutch providing a commanding presence in the box that has led to clean sheet after clean sheet. Moreover the emergence of defenders such as Trent Alexander Arnold and Andy Robertson provide solid wing protection and attacking support even at a time when defensive star Joe Gomez is unavailable.


An overhaul in Liverpool's midfield sees skipper Jordan Henderson paired with new signings, Keita, Fabinho and Wijnaldum. The impact is clear. Smooth play switches and solid defensive backup have led to commanding performances from the whole team as they prove time and time again that they can maintain their structural integrity. Above all, the versatility of James Milner shines through, as he enjoys a fantastic season with the reds.


Liverpool's most feared attribute is it's attack, and its not difficult to see why, the pace and clinicality of Jurgen Klopp's signings is truly mouthwatering. 

Mohamed Salah, the African player of the year for 2018 and Liverpool's go to man is a gift that just keeps on giving. With 50 goals last year and a league topping 16 goals, Liverpool have one of the most highly acclaimed strikers at their disposal.

That however is not where it ends. Speedy Sadio Mane controls the left side of the attack which sees regular overhauls, the latest being the placement of Salah as the central attacker, yielding goals a plenty for the Egyptian. Re-positioned out of the limelight has been Roberto Firmino, who is now playing a number ten role. This has greatly reduced the Brazilians goal tally, but he has impressed on many occasions this season.

Lastly, one cannot simply forget the powerful Swiss Xherdan Shaqiri who has proven to be a fan favorite and instant game changer on many occasions this season, completing what is a magnificent forward line-up.

Will Liverpool be able to fend off current champions Manchester City up to the end of the season? 

Its a hard call with luck not being on the Manchester clubs side recently, but with the gap between the two being narrowed down to just five, predictions can tough to make.


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