A Light in a Crisis for The Hammers: Who is Divin Mubama?

Football is one of those sports where injuries can derail the entire team’s campaign. It happens and is often out of the players’ or manager’s control. However, injuries can be both a blessing and a curse. In the case of West Ham United, their injury woes took a turn for the better with up-and-coming forward star Divin Mubama. Born in Newham in October 2004, Mubama had his sights set on the football world; little did he know he would become a saving grace in the Premier League. For those unfamiliar with this youngster, we will unpack who he is and why he can make an impact with the Hammers.  

Early Life

Who is Divin Mubama? If you ask yourself this question before checking the latest football odds for the Hammers, go for it! However, this young lad’s life is heavily rooted in football and has been since birth. Mubama’s football career kicked off when he attended St Bonaventure, the alma mater to Jermain Defoe (an iconic former West Ham United and Tottenham Hotspur Striker), Chris Hughton (Ghana manager), Chuba Akpom (Middlesbrough striker), and Chuks Aneke (Charlton Athletic midfielder). Former classmates and teachers have long praised him for his work ethic, which translated onto the pitch.

His first taste of professional football came from signing to West Ham at age eight, where he played left-back. By the time he reached under 12 level, Mubama switched to the forward position and has played in the position ever since. He signed his first professional contract with West Ham in 2021, which is expected to expire in the next few years. 

The Consistent Climber

While Mubama has been signed to West Ham, his gradual climb through consistent performances has not gone unnoticed. Playing for the club since the age of eight has allowed him to work on his pace, agility, and strategy, which has garnered attention from peers and club owners. Mubama’s versatility became his biggest asset as he progressed through the ranks. While he plays as a forward, he is comfortable as a midfielder and attacker. He has a knack for reading a game and creating opportunities for the crucial moments of scoring when needed. This was how well he performed in the youth league and training sessions, much of which he has transferred into his professional football playing.  

Mubama football
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The West Ham Connection

Before he signed the professional contract with the Hammers, Mubama was being watched by the club’s talent spotters, who experienced the player’s skills first-hand. Once they signed this legend in the making, the club realised their injury woes could become a thing of the past. In 2021, they moved quickly and signed the player, who started playing the squad in the 2022 season. The signing of Mubama was hailed as a strategic move and showcased an investment into the club’s future. 

The transition into the Premier League was no easy feat for Mubama, realising he had massive shoes to fill — a task he has so brilliantly stepped up for. He embraced each challenge with a blend of humility and confidence. So much so that his debut season saw him make significant contributions.  

The 2022/2023 Season and Beyond

Not only has this current season been quite a testing period for West Ham, primarily due to player injuries, but the club has managed to remain in the top six of the Premier League table. This leaves the club in a comfortable position of attaining a top-four finish or, who knows, a league title. Mubama is a player people have kept their eye on, with hopes he would spark some hope and joy for the club, particularly this current season. He has shown tenacity and his ability to adapt, which allows for depth and added dynamics. 

Playing Style and Attributes

Mubama has been dubbed a modern footballer who is technical, tactical, and determined. While he has yet to play in every West Ham game, the 19-year-old has much to give and is only getting started. His pace and agility have been the most noticeable assets in his football skills, as have his ability to create goal opportunities. However, Mubama’s skills are moulded when off the pitch and in training. The work ethic he established in his younger years has seen him committed to practicing to improve his craft. 

Mubama football
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The Future for Mubama

This young star deserves his spot on the team and needs his moment to shine beyond the substitute bench. As the football world continues to evolve, Mubama will also grow as a player. His future looks bright and promising, and he is the light in the crisis of injuries West Ham is experiencing. While injuries may have paved the way for this young star, his relentless drive and agility set him apart — and will propel him into a world-class future. 

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