Among Us Jester Mode: Tips & Tricks to play as the 'Jester' in Among Us

Among Us, the social deduction game has a lot of different custom games you can enjoy on your private server the latest being the Jester Mode.

The most fun custom game to play in Among Us is the Jester Mode. It is extremely fun to play, and very challenging to win at the same time.

Among Us has become extremely popular this year, especially due to the pandemic imposed lockdown. Despite being released way back in 2018, Among Us soared to the top of the most downloaded & most played charts in mobile games.

Apart from the straight-forward cremates vs imposters scenario, you can play many variations of the game like Doctor Role, Sheriff, Pro Hunt, etc. Players have been coming up with different mods to keep the game interesting & engaging. But, one of the best custom games is Among Us Jester Mode. It is extremely fun & entertaining to play Among Us Jester mode with your friend, but it also equally challenging. 

Here is a guide on how to play Jester mode in Among Us & some tips you will find useful to win as the Jester. 

Among Us Jester Mode Tips & Tricks 

Jester Mode
Is this suspicious behavior? (Image

There is only one goal in Among Us Jester Mode. If you are the Jester, to win, you have to act as suspicious as possible and get voted out. If you get voted out, you win the game. However, this is easier said than done. 

In Among Us Jester Mode, if the player given the role of Jester gets voted out, they win the round. The objective for crewmates & imposters is to identify the Jester & keep them in the game for as long as possible. 

Everyone on the ship will hesitate to kick the person acting suspicious because if they are the Jester, they win the game. 

If the imposters identify the Jester is found out and kill them, rather than through a vote, the Jester will lose the game. 

As a Jester, you have to be pretty careful about this aspect. If you have been identified, imposters will try to kill you to secure a victory.

You also cannot act obviously suspicious, then doubts will arise as to whether you are the Jester. So, finding the right balance between acting cool & doing suspicious things is key to ensure a win. 

Impostors will also look a little guilty to pretend to be the Jester. This will ensure that they are still in the game until they manage to kill all the crewmates.

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