Andre Drummond – The missing piece in the jigsaw for the LA Lakers?

  • The last day of the trade deadline was a war. Oladipo moving to the Miami Heat, Aaron Gordan to the Nuggets, JJ Reddick to the Mavs and the list goes on. 
  • However, there were two Biggies who were headed to the buyout trade market. LaMarcus Aldridge and Andre Drummond were seeking moves from Spurs and the Cavs respectively. 

Aldridge signed up with the stacked Brooklyn Nets and the man who had to decide was Andre Drummond who had Miami Heat, Nets, and the LA Lakers pursuing his services and he eventually opted with the Los Angeles Lakers forming a new big 3 at the Staples Centre - LeBron, Davis, and Andre Drummond.

This offseason the LA Lakers lost out on several players who were in their championship squad Rajon Rondo to the Hawks who is now signed with the LA Clippers, JaVale Mcgee to the Cleveland Cavs who is now with the Nuggets, and Dwight Howard to the Philly. 

However, the Lakers managed to buy in Marc Gasol from the Raptors and Montrezl Harrell from the rivals Clippers but this move did not pay off up to the mark where it was noted that Gasol has been too slow for the game and Harrell is a player who can be great off the bench. 

The LA Lakers needed that Traditional Centre to lower off the pressure onto Anthony Davis who has been battling with injuries currently. Looking at the Lakers season, the physicality of the last season has been missing, the 3 point shooting has been missing, the gamble for Wes Matthews has been a flop.

Andre Drummond has had a productive season before the Cavs benched him and wanted to trade him - averaging 17.5 points, 13.5 rebounds, 1.6 steals, and 1.2 blocks per game. 

Drummond after playing the Playoffs in 2019 with the Detroit Pistons back in 2019 where the team suffered a 4-0 loss against the Bucks, Andre Drummond will finally get a significant NBA Postseason for the 1st time in his career. 

Davis has been playing Power Forward and Centre both in certain situations, however, the addition of Drummond's rebounding and interior scoring should definitely help in Lakers to sneak in the top seed in the Western Conference.

Andre Drummond spent eight seasons with the Detroit Pistons before a 2020 trade to the Cavaliers. He was a two-time All-Star with the Pistons.

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