Barcelona board vs Barcelona fans, the story continues as VP shows support

Barcelona fans have been ranting over the poor functioning of the Barcelona board and have been demanding the president of the board to resign and make way for someone deserving. 

Things looked extremely intense when reports of Lionel Messi wanting to leave Barcelona surfaced and a lot of people anticipated that resignation is on the running. 

However, Barcelona have now confirmed that sufficient signatures have been verified to proceed with a vote of no confidence in president Josep Maria Bartomeu. The concerns are only aggravating as, despite 20,687 members backing the motion on Thursday, the club is yet to take any official even though the threshold of 16,250 has been deemed authentic. 

Bartomeu and Messi      credits: 9sportpro

The final stages are yet to be implemented and it will follow a certain protocol. The final results will be submitted and as the period of review passes, the board of directors will have to make a call between 10 and 20 working days to set a date for the view. 

The statement released by Barcelona read, “Pending the final closure of the validations process, this Wednesday, October 7, the cut off of the 16,250 valid signatures necessary for the vote to succeed was exceeded.” 

The statement further stated the process mentioned above. Barcelona vice-president Jordi Cardoner also had something to say in a news conference. He said, “Despite the many things that have been said and written, this board is a team."

"We are all together. We are with president Josep Maria Bartomeu in the tough times, as we are going through now. There is uncertainty around at a personal level but also in regard to health. We don’t know how tomorrow will be.” 

“However, more than ever, we have the unity, the effort, and the credit, the credit that many memberships gave us. We will individually give our best and we will be responsible until the last day that the president and his board are in charge. That’s it," he further added.

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