Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool: The duo that's meant-to-be

There’s no doubt that Jurgen Klopp brought a revolution not only in Liverpool but in the entire Premier League. His man-management, tactics, passion, and dedication are things that most of us already have enough information about. 

However, not everyone knows that Klopp may have not taken the Liverpool job and one of the many possibilities suggest that Liverpool may have never achieved what they did under the German. 

Klopp was enjoying some time away from football in Lisbon five years ago when he was contacted by his agent regarding the interest shown by the Reds. Klopp actually thought of ignoring the call as he preferred peace over negotiations. 

The Liverpool boss was appointed on October 8, 2015, and after five years, most of the teams across Europe fear going head-to-head with the Reds. 

The German revealed that it was certain that him picking the call may spoil some quality time with his wife Ulla and their two kids as business barely complements vacations. However, he feels great that he opted for the wrong choice then but right in terms of everything that happened later on in his career. 

He received agent Marc Kosicke’s call, while being in an outside coffee bar but was hoping that it stops soon. Klopp after realizing that it was his agent calling thought that it may possibly be something of his interest and then what his agent told him, left him overwhelmed. 

The former Borussia Dortmund manager was extremely pleased with the details he unraveled on the call but couldn’t call it a deal immediately. This led to the ex-Dortmund boss asking his children’s take on the offer and both of them had the same thing to say, ‘Yes’. Things escalated as now all the three looked at Ulla (Klopp’s wife), while she said, “Oh, it looks like the holiday is over.’ 

He mentioned that it was a really nice moment that his family had together. However, it all proves that Liverpool and Klopp were meant to be and the combination has just been fitting well. Liverpool have seen many brilliant managers but now he has made it to the tier above the greats. 

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Klopp’s winning percentage with the Reds (60.3) enables him to rival the likes of Bob Paisley (57.4) and Kenny Dalglish (58.3), who are regarded as the best managers the Reds ever saw. Only Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City has a higher points-per-game record in the Premier League (2.33), just edging Klopp’s (2.17). 

Klopp also said that once he got the call of Liverpool owners in the United States, Fenway Sports Group president Mike Gordon about taking on the job, he knew the approach was genuine and things have gotten only better and better since then. 

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