Basketball - it's the game where it all started for the Jordan Brand. Launched in 1984.

Basketball - it's the game where it all started for the Jordan Brand. Launched in 1984, the year Michael Jordan was drafted into the NBA, the brand became an instant success story. It transformed the sports marketing landscape and set a new bar for innovation and performance in the sportswear industry. The brand's first shoe, the Air Jordan I, is still considered one of the most influential sneakers in history, changing how athletes and fans perceived performance footwear.

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Yet, the Jordan Brand's influence didn't remain confined to the hardwood courts. Over the years, it extended its reach, providing innovative sportswear to athletes in numerous sports, including football and baseball, while constantly expanding its footprint. The brand's strong emphasis on style, performance, and the integration of innovative technology ensured its reputation remained sterling across different sporting disciplines.

Today, the Jordan Brand is more than just a manufacturer of top-tier basketball shoes. It's a global symbol of athletic excellence, a brand that, under the guidance of its namesake, strives to embody the virtues of perseverance, determination, and greatness - the same values that defined Michael Jordan's illustrious career. It has become a multi-sport brand that supports and equips some of the world's top athletes, from football's star wide receivers to baseball's fastest pitchers, with the gear they need to perform at their peak.

Amidst this wide-ranging sportswear portfolio, however, one product line stands out for its distinct allure and rapidly growing popularity - the Jordan Golf shoes. The brand's venture into the golf market was no random affair; it was a deliberate nod to Michael Jordan's love for the game. It was a move that expanded the brand's wings even further, bringing it onto the lush, green fairways and finely manicured greens of golf courses around the world.

Air Jordan. It all started in the year 1984 for the Jordan Brand.
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From its origins on the basketball court, the Jordan Brand has journeyed into arenas far and wide, embodying a spirit of innovation, style, and performance. The emergence of Jordan Golf shoes is just the latest chapter in this story. It highlights the brand's adaptability and commitment to meeting the needs of athletes across various sports, continuously pushing boundaries, much like the man whose name it proudly bears. Whether on the court, the field, or the green, the Jordan Brand is a name that echoes performance, style, and quality.

In ESPN's The Last Dance docuseries, viewers got an intimate look into the multifaceted life of basketball legend Michael Jordan. One element that stands out is Jordan's love for the game of golf, which runs far more profound than a casual interest or hobby. Golf has been a significant part of MJ's life since his college days, offering him a refuge from the intense scrutiny of his increasingly public life.

During his tenure at the University of North Carolina, Jordan was drawn to golf's strategic and competitive nature. He began playing hallway putting contests with senior David Mann, and this simple pastime sparked a passion that would continue to grow for decades to come. This humble beginning laid the groundwork for a lifelong love affair with the sport.

Jordan's passion for golf only intensified when his college basketball team, the Tar Heels, were ousted by the Georgia Bulldogs in the 1983 Elite Eight. In the face of this setback, Jordan found solace on the green, where he could channel his competitive spirit into a new challenge. The sport provided a haven for him, allowing for private moments of joy, competition, and personal growth, far removed from the constant glare of the public eye that accompanied his basketball career.

Over time, Jordan's skills on the golf course improved significantly. Stories of his golf exploits became as legendary as his performances on the basketball court. From playing 36 holes in Barcelona before the 1992 Olympic games with the Dream Team to driving custom Jumpman golf carts at celebrity tournaments, Jordan's golf experiences became an integral part of his mythos.

His love for golf wasn't just limited to playing the sport; he also enjoyed the camaraderie and relaxed atmosphere that came with it. MJ was known to host golf outings with fellow athletes, friends, and celebrities. These golfing sessions often led to famous wagering tales and playful rivalries, all part of Jordan's competitive nature, which he never left behind on the basketball court.

Jordan chose the driving range at Jack Nicklaus' golf course as his wedding reception venue in one significant display of his love for the sport. This choice exemplified the deep connection Jordan feels for golf, further solidifying its place in his life.

In essence, golf became more than just a hobby for Michael Jordan. It offered a counterbalance to his demanding career, a sanctuary for relaxation, and a platform for exercising his ever-present competitive spirit. From the putting contests in college hallways to high-stakes games on the world's most prestigious greens, Jordan's journey with golf is a testament to his love for the game and his perpetual drive for mastery, both on and off the court.

As an integral part of the legacy of Michael Jordan, the game of golf extends far beyond the basketball court. The golf course is where Jordan showcased his relentless drive to win, irrespective of the sport he was playing. MJ's love for golf is legendary, with anecdotes of playing 36 holes in Barcelona before the 1992 Olympic games with the Dream Team, driving custom Jumpman golf carts at celebrity tournaments, and even selecting the driving range at Jack Nicklaus' golf course as his wedding reception venue.

Given the depth of Jordan's affinity for golf, it was inevitable that the Jordan Brand, famous for its basketball sneakers, would find a way to incorporate this passion into its product line. The Jordan Golf shoes were created to pay tribute to Jordan's love for golf, bridging the gap between the hardwood and the fairways.

Jordan Golf Shoes. Launched in 1984, Jordan Brand became an instant success story.
Jordan Golf Shoes (Credit - Nike)

In 2015, the Jordan Brand launched its first golf shoe line for the general public, a milestone that cemented its place in golf apparel. The inaugural model, the Air Jordan 6 Retro Golf Cleat Infrared, was an innovative adaptation of the classic Jordan 6 White Infrared. Tailored specifically for the unique demands of golf, the shoe featured a cleated sole for enhanced grip on the fairways. This kickstarted a new chapter in the Jordan Brand story, combining MJ's legendary style with functionality for golf enthusiasts.

As the years passed, the brand continued to build upon this foundation. From the Jordan 1s to the 5s and up to the 11s, many Jordan Retros were reimagined for the green. Each iteration was not just a mere golf shoe but a symbol of the ever-evolving Jordan Brand and its commitment to embracing a broad range of sports.

In 2017, the brand paid homage to MJ's rookie season and his beloved city of Chicago with the Air Jordan 1 High Golf "Chicago". It was a daring move that reflected Jordan's audacity, incorporating the much-loved design of the Air Jordan 1 into a golf shoe. This blend of street style and golf performance resonated with fans and broke down the boundaries of convention, even in a sport known for its traditional dress codes. Retailing at around £200, the shoe sold out instantly, proving the massive appeal of Jordan Golf shoes.

In essence, the creation of Jordan Golf was more than just a business decision. It was a heartfelt tribute to Michael Jordan's deep love for golf, combining the best style and performance. Through these shoes, golfers worldwide can now share in the fashion, competitive spirit, and sheer passion for the sport that MJ brought to the course.

The popularity and exclusivity of Jordan Golf shoes mean they are highly sought after. The prices typically range between £150 and £225. Among the diverse range of models, the Air Jordan 1 Golf shoes are particularly valued. And yet, despite the price tag, the allure of Jordan Golf shoes extends beyond the golfing greens. The Jordan Brand, with its iconic Jordan Golf shoes, is gaining traction among golf enthusiasts. The shoes have also piqued the interest of collectors and fashion-conscious buyers alike. The removable spikes make them a growing trend even off the golf course.

One such brand that has been instrumental in bringing Jordan Golf shoes to an eager market is Function18. They have a comprehensive range of new Jordan Golf shoes that cater to the requirements of both professional golfers and those who want to enjoy the sport in style.

The demand for Jordan Golf shoes is at an all-time high as more people express a desire to head outdoors and enjoy a round or two on the fairways. With its distinctive styles and unparalleled quality, Jordan Golf continues to strengthen its foothold in the market. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a long-time fan, Function 18 is your go-to destination for Jordan Golf shoes. Now is the perfect time to own a piece of the Jordan Golf legacy.

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