BCCI ponder over the concept of 'Power Player' in IPL 2020

Indian Premier League (IPL) has been the torch-bearer for various T20 leagues around the globe. Ever since its first season in 2008, the league has presented a host of player with ample opportunities to showcase their talent and rub shoulders against the best in the world. 

IPL is also renowned for its inventive methods that make the game a huge spectacle for the fans and the millions watching the broadcast. In the past few years, IPL has introduced things like 'Strategic Timeout', and activities such as the 'Fan Catch' of the season to engross more fans to watch the matches in the stadiums. 

Even in IPL 2020, BCCI is planning to introduce a new concept of 'Power Player' for the next season. The discussion on the new idea will be conducted in the IPL governing council meeting on Tuesday at the BCCI headquarters. The meeting is also intended to focus on the other routines such as IPL auction, which will take place next month in Kolkata. 

What is Power Player?

'Power Player' is a new concept which might turn into reality if it is accepted by the council members in their meeting on Tuesday. The use of 'Power Player' allows any team to substitute any player at the fall of a wicket or at the end of an over at any given moment in the game. 

In such a scenario, the team might be able to call a player sitting on the bench from their squad of 15, to be a part of the action in place of a player who might not offer enough to his team at that very moment.  

The BCCI official issued more clarification about how the board views the concept. 

We are looking at a scenario where a team will not name the Playing XI. They will announce the 15 and a player can be substituted at either the fall of a wicket or at the end of the over at any point in the game.

Before using a raw concept in the lucrative league, BCCI is pondering over its use in the upcoming Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy to see its implementation and the impact it has on the game.

Adds unpredictability to the game situation


It looks like BCCI is quite enthusiastic in making certain changes that might well to the more drama and the frenzy associated with the game. This kind of concepts offers unpredictability and can lead to a complete overhaul of plans and strategies for the opposition. BCCI official cited an example to offer more understanding about the concept. 

Andre Russell can be very effective if called in on 'Power Player' basis |Credits: Cricket Australia|

Imagine you need 20 runs off the last six balls and you have Andre Russell sitting in the dug-out as he wasn’t a hundred percent and wasn’t part of the original XI. But now, he can just walk in and go slam-bang and win you the game.

Similarly, say you need to defend six runs off the last over and you have someone like a Jasprit Bumrah sitting in the dug-out. So, what does the captain do? Brings in Bumrah at the end of the 19th over and there you go. The concept has the potential to change the game.

Cover image credits: Times of India

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