Best Left Backs in European Football in 2021 - Sportco Top 5 List

The role of left backs has been modernized in this era of modern full-back and the role of an attacking full back which was seen as a rare trait among the defenders is now a basic necessity for every top team.

Here is the list of top five left backs currently in the world.

5. Sergio Reguilon

Sergio Reguilon
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At number 5 spot for best left backs, we have Sergio Reguilon. Despite being so talented did not get ample chances to play for Real Madrid. After several speculations, Reguilon apparently snubbed Manchester United for Jose Mourinho's Tottenham.

He has been a more impactful signing for the Tottenham than Gareth Bale, who was seen as a vital signing for the team.

The reason for his slip in the rankings is his consistency. As far as defensive duties are concerned, he has been up to the mark but he has not been the best when it comes to managing both the duties.

However, his potential is immense and under a manager like Jose, he is expected to excel more.

4. Jordi Alba

Jordi Alba
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At number #4 is the Spain and Barcelona left back, Jordi Alba. It is tough to judge the Catalan towards the end of his career. He has been one of the top left backs in La Liga throughout his career.

His understanding with Lionel Messi is out of the world, and he has assisted the Argentine 21 times since joining the Spaniard giants since 2012.

Alba's pace is his key aspect, while his physicality and intelligence are something he's developed over the years.

3. Ferland Mendy

Ferlan Mendy
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The successor to the great Marcelo, who successfully defended Real Madrid and attacked with full force has proven that Ferlan Mendy was the perfect replacement the club would've wanted.

The reason for slotting Mendy at the 3rd spot in the best left backs list is his courage to move forward, taking risks and his robust tackles.

2. Alphonso Davies

Alphonso Davies
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From playing for Vancouver Whitecaps to being the first-choice left back in a Bayern Munich squad with so much depth, Davies has never looked back.

His pace and dribbling are perhaps the best among all of them and his performance against Barcelona especially, was an impeccable one. Being so young, his future seems only bright and with this rate, he is on course to be one of the best left backs in the world.

1. Andrew Robertson 

Andrew Robertson
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Topping our list of the best left backs category is the England and Liverpool man,Andrew Robertson. The Liverpool man is known for his work-rate more than anything. The reason for his number 1 spot is the fact that he possesses the strong points of all the players mentioned above.

Over that, his mentality is a level ahead of the rest and that is the reason why in such a short period, he has become the best full back in the world.

He can cross, he can slide, he can shoot, he can be lethal during set-pieces and there is nothing he cannot do. Any player going against him has to manage both his defensive and offensive abilities, despite the Scotland skipper being the one who should be on the back foot.

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