South American Nations (CONMEBOL) likely to join UEFA Nations League by 2024

There have been talks between UEFA and CONMEBOL regarding the inclusion of 10 South American teams in the UEFA Nations League in 2024. 

The UEFA vice-president Zbigniew Boniek has said, "the revamped Nations League would represent direct competition to FIFA's plans for a World Cup every two years."

"UEFA is working on several projects with CONMEBOL, including a joint Nations League, but nothing is finalised, and no decisions have yet been made," 

Boniek has said 10 South American Nations will participate in UEFA Nations League. The six countries will join League A while the other four will join League B.

So the number of nations will be increased to 22 or 20 respectively, and the games will be played in Europe to avoid excessive travelling. 

The refurbished Nations League will also be seen as a competition to the newly proposed biennial World Cup, which will happen every two years. Boniek said, "It would be difficult to implement, adding that he was against the idea of introducing more new events."

The aftermath of the biennial World Cup, which is yet to be given the green light, has been opposed by many soccer bodies; the likes of UEFA and CONMEBOL have been upset with FIFA's proposal with the biennial World Cup.

There has been signing of an extended memorandum understanding until June 2028.

And we will witness another final in June 2022 between the Copa America 2021 winner and Euro 2020 winners. Argentina and Italy will play the so-called 'Finalissima' next year in London.

Is the inclusion of South American teams in the Nations League a good or bad idea? 

It is a great idea to see more teams competing for the trophy and more entertainment. But it looks like CONMEBOL, UEFA and Nations League are looking to compete with FIFA World Cup, although we really don't need another competition in football. 

Nations League was introduced in 2018 to give meaning to those friendly games, although it has faced backlash with players getting very few resting days because of frequent competitions and games. 

There have been major incidents of player fatigue on the pitch due to minimal rest and constant training. And if we see from other's perspectives, the CONMEBOL and UEFA are trying to join hands and compete with FIFA World Cup. 

If the biennial World Cup is given the green light, then we might say UEFA Nations League and the World Cup happening once in two years, and both the competitions will clash with each other, resulting in disagreements and discourse. This will also affect players mentally and physically. 

So, there would be a total of four competitions every two and four years. Conmebol, Nations League, Euros and FIFA World Cup, and it looks like they are being hosted for the fans' sake, but in reality, all these football authorities only care about money. 

What are your thoughts on the UEFA and CONMEBOL joining hands to host the Nations League?

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