Dota 2 tops audience engagements for Q3 of 2020 in Twitch; LoL is the most viewed competitive game

Esports charts have released their latest statistics about the popularity of different games on Twitch. Dota 2 & CS:GO tops the charts in terms of audience engagements in Q3 of 2020, while League of Legends is the most-watched competitive game.

Ever since the global lockdown imposed by the spread of Covid-19, traditional sports have taken a hit, while esports and gaming have been surging in fanbase and viewership. Every esports & gaming enthusiast follows his/her favorite gamer/team on Twitch, the online streaming platform.

In the 3rd quarter of 2020 (July-September), Dota 2 emerges as the top of the charts in terms of audience engagements. This is despite a concerning decline in the number of players the complex MOBA games draw. It is the most popular game in the EU/CIS region, owing to the intense competition and rather a large number of pro-Dota 2 players in the region.

It is Dota 2's loyal fan base, which is the reason Dota 2 has a very interesting and engaging audience. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive follows Dota 2 very closely in this category, lagging behind by a mere couple of points. League of Legend, Fortnite & PUBG roundup the top 5 games with the most audience engagement. 

In the most-viewed charts, Just Chatting category holds the top spot with almost 5 million hours viewed on Twitch. This is 130% higher than League of Legends, which is in 2nd place. LoL boasts of 394 million hours watched on Twitch for the 3rd quarter of 2020. At its peak, League had 794,000 concurrent viewers and has had 11.4 million unique viewers.

However, competitive games & non-competitive ones are splitting up the most-watched chart for the third quarter. Along with Just Chatting, Among Us, Fall Guys, Grand Theft Auto V & Minecraft are the other games that are in the top 10 for Q3 of 2020. 

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