DOTA 2 Epic League: Alliance to face off against Live to Win in Epic League Division 2 Grand-Finals

Despite falling from Division One, Alliance continues their good form in Division 2 of Epic League. Tonight, they will face off against Live to Win in a Bo5 Grand Finals. But, securing a birth in the final was no easy feat for Alliance

The penultimate series in Division 2 Dota 2 Epic League last night between Gambit Esports and Alliance was a complete spectacle. 

The Bo5 went all the way to the last game. While the first 2 games were pretty conventional, as the series dragged on, both teams began drafting heroes like Techies, Lycan and Phantom Lancer. 

Despite trying everything in their wheelhouse, Gambit Esports was unable to get the better of Alliance in the Semi-Finals. This Bo5 between Gambit Esports and Alliance was a series of pure joy to Dota 2 fans. Both teams decided to not go with the trends and tried to outwit each other in the draft. 

After 4 games of intense battling, the score remained 2-2, with a spot still available in the finals. Alliance took Game 1 pretty easily and in Game 2, Gambit fought back with an IO, Slardar, and Medusa combo. 

Game 3 again went in favor of Alliance, and it looked like they were going to run away with a win in Game 4 too, but Gambit's Lycan completely snowballed in the mid-game and kept ripping through Alliance's heroes. 

In the all-important Game 5, Gambit drafted a Techies to go along with the Lycan, but it hardly had any impact. Alliance ripped through Gambit's defenses and eventually, in 30 minutes, Gambit called GG. 

The Grand Final of Epic League Division 2 of Dota 2 will take place between Alliance & Live to Win. The latter managed to cruise through Division 2, and have been waiting to find out who their opponents will be. 

The Bo5 series will be live-streamed on Twitch on Epicenter's channel. The Epic League series will begin at 13:00 CET. Don't miss the action.

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