Fall Guys Season 3: Winter knockout will have golden costumes, a new ranking system & 7 new levels

As players and fans are getting ready for Season 3 of Fall Guys, dubbed Winter Knockout, the developers have released the patch notes for the new season

The patch notes include a slew of new levels & content, exclusive rewards for those who manage to climb the ranks, and a lot of unlockable costumes & goodies. 

Fall Guys Season 3, Winter Knockout will go live today, December 16th. Mediatonic, the developers, have put in place a new ranking system for this fresh, winter-theme season. The official Twitter for Fall Guys calls it, "Fall Guys goes brrr."

Apart from the festive winter-theme, Fall Guys Season 3 will bring in 7 new levels, over 30 new costumes and a lot of new obstacles, especially the Ringus Dingus, which is a big bell swinging on a rope. Apart from these brand-new features, it will also fix some bugs so that players have a better in-game experience. 

However, the most significant and highly-talked about change is the new ranking system. The more crowns you amass, the higher you go up the ranks. Now, players have a way to track their wins, and the cool part is that if you are consistent in your victories, you will be rewarded with lots of goodies. 

Everyone's eyes are set on the golden versions of the classic Fall Guys costumes: golden hotdog, golden knight, golden wolf, and golden chicken. 

We are not sure if this list ends here, but since we are predicting a lot of new costumes for this season, we can expect more golden costumes to be revealed soon.

The ranking feature is one of the most common request, and this alone should encourage more players to take Season 3 of Fall Guys much more seriously. 

Recently, its patronage has slowly reduced, but with this new season, it looks like Mediatonic is once again lighting the fire. Players and fans will surely respond to it, as the new ranking system makes it even more competitive. 

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